L.A. Times Daily - Nov 27 2022

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Clues Answers
"A Midsummer Night's Dream" king OBERON
"And when I love thee not, / Chaos is come again" speaker OTHELLO
"Because you're worth it" cosmetics brand LOREAL
"Hakuna __": "The Lion King" song MATATA
"Home Alone" actress Catherine OHARA
"If I'm honest ... " TRUTHBETOLD
"Macbeth" role HAG
"Midnight Cowboy" role RATSO
"Misery" actor James CAAN
"Not this movie again!" SEENIT
"Orinoco Flow" singer ENYA
"Roger that" GOTCHA
"SmackDown" org WWE
"Sounds good" COOL
"Straight __ Compton" OUTTA
"This could be a problem" OHBOY
"__ the breaks" THEMS
18-wheeler RIG
2008 AL Rookie of the Year Longoria EVAN
2013 Lady Gaga album ARTPOP
9-Down output LAVA
Actress Mireille ENOS
Actress Spelling TORI
Aim high ASPIRE
Aroma ODOR
Asian language LAO
Bag-screening org TSA
Baja resort CABO
Bank offering LOAN
Banking IDs PINS
Béret spot TETE
Big month for a CPA APR
Big name in coolers YETI
Birmingham's st ALA
Blackthorn fruit SLOE
Board in a wooden deck chair SLAT
Boost HYPE
Bozos OAFS
Brody of "Peaky Blinders" ADRIEN
Brouhaha ADO
Cain's brother ABEL
Canadian coin, familiarly LOONIE
Church recesses APSES
Company abbr INC
Concern for the "Queer Eye" guys STYLE
Continent with the highest and lowest points on Earth ASIA
Cook wear APRONS
Diamond corner BASE
Dijon deity DIEU
Diner check TAB
Disorderly protester RIOTER
Enter with flair WALTZIN
Etc. kin ETAL
Expansive VAST
Far from fair UGLY
Feeling too good for the family car? ABOVEONESSTATIONWAGON
Female sib SIS
Festive night, often EVE
Flat-bottomed boat SCOW
Food Network host Garten INA
Fragile juggling props EGGS
French friend AMI
Get better HEAL
Give it a go TRY
Grimm girl GRETEL
Handlebar part GRIP
Hideaway LAIR
Hilltop nest AERIE
Clues Answers
Home mixologist's dream WETBAR
Hose material NYLON
Hush-hush org NSA
Large wardrobe ARMOIRE
Latin years ANNI
Leaf manufacturer NISSAN
Legal wrong TORT
Like some patches IRONON
Looney Tunes stinker LEPEW
Lottery ticket picks: Abbr NOS
Luxuriate (in) BASK
Marjoram, e.g HERB
Marketing fees ADRATES
Mother of Artemis LETO
Naan flour ATTA
NASCAR driver Petty KYLE
Netflix's "The Haunting of __ Manor" BLY
No longer interested in fairy tales? PASTONESBEDTIMESTORY
Nuts and bolts BASICS
Oily part of the face, to dermatologists TZONE
Old 45 player HIFI
Part of TGIF ITS
Pre-makeover image BEFOREPHOTO
Put off DEFER
Question in an identity crisis WHOAMI
Ready to move on from reading Beat poetry? OVERTHECOUNTERCULTURE
Remain unsettled PEND
Rock climber's handful CRAG
Rose Bowl org NCAA
Rose garden pests APHIDS
Sears partner ROEBUCK
Sicilian volcano ETNA
Singer Carly __ Jepsen RAE
Ski resort hangout LODGE
Smack SLAP
So done with craft beers? BEYONDTHEPALEALES
Some poets ODISTS
Somewhat formal DRESSY
Soothes CALMS
Spot for a nap SOFA
State in southwest India GOA
Step after using a sous vide, maybe SEAR
Stronghold FORT
Surprise victory UPSET
Swelter ROAST
Tag figure PRICE
Talk up TOUT
Taro dish POI
Technology magazine WIRED
Tell the teacher TATTLE
Tempo similar to lento LARGO
The "kid" in "Here's looking at you, kid" ILSA
Title for Patrick Stewart SIR
Treating with contempt MEANTO
Treats with a cold pack ICES
Trying to keep cool in a more eco-friendly way? OFFTHEAIRCONDITIONER
Uber offer RIDE
Unsuitable INAPT
Up to it ABLE
Verdi opera AIDA
Warsaw __ PACT
With it, once HEP
Wobbly, quaintly ATEETER
Wool source ANGORA
Would really prefer to use a globe? AGAINSTTHEWALLMAP
__ Grey tea EARL
__ Springs PALM
__ to go RARING
__-slapper KNEE