The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2271

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Clues Answers
After manoeuvres I belong in base IGNOBLE
Arrest using firm pressure COP
Bill from popular singer INVOICE
Debonair chap collapses in race ebor handicap
Doctor initially making short order MEDIC
Girl is a wow AMY
Got hint to change after dark TONIGHT
Hothead did reveal being drunk DAREDEVIL
In Times, sum up villain BADDY
Kilos, for example, in cask KEG
Means of support: concerned with where they come from RESOURCES
Member of old empire is an upright type ROMAN
Old girl rewriting manual ALUMNA
Clues Answers
One intervenes in disease after singular stupidity SILLINESS
One may look through this French town LENS
Page I quickly turned up for attractive pictures pin-ups
Performer who starts gagging? COMIC
Quietly greeting character from abroad PHI
Son took meal to fill right up SATE
Sudden impulse to see Italian island church CAPRICE
Tenacious aim brings disaster sticky end
They only have walk-on parts, but they increase the cost EXTRAS
They represent eleven stages LEGS
Unpaid work: Shakespeare’s was lost labour of love
Very old, I would become unoccupied VOID
Wife in pub used to slim? low-cal