Wall Street Journal - Nov 22 2022 - Land Development

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Clues Answers
“I” problems EGOS
“I’ll take it from here” LETME
“It’s a Wonderful Life” director Frank CAPRA
“Not so fast!” WHOA
“The Stars and Stripes Forever” composer SOUSA
“___ geht es dir?” (German greeting) WIE
2003-07 teen TV series based in SoCal THEOC
Alpaca’s cousin LLAMA
Attractive region in physics MAGNETICFIELD
Basic skateboard jump OLLIE
Bean variety named for a city LIMA
Bejeweled topper TIARA
Big name in trucks MACK
Calvin of fashion KLEIN
Crush, as in a sports victory STEAMROLL
Deal cost ANTE
Dresses in WEARS
Early auto REO
Earth, in old Rome TERRA
Eerie ability ESP
Elite ensemble ATEAM
End-of-term exams FINALS
Endure LAST
Far from well-done RARE
First prime minister of India NEHRU
First zodiac sign ARIES
Fitting spot for an AirPod EAR
Foot part TOE
Foot parts SOLES
Foreboding feeling DREAD
Gives a tat INKS
Go after in court SUE
Got to one’s feet AROSE
Govt. org. that partnered with Moderna to develop a Covid-19 vaccine NIH
Grayish ASHY
Guy Fawkes conspiracy of 1605 GUNPOWDERPLOT
Home for a supercomputer array SERVERFARM
Hunting dog SETTER
Clues Answers
In the lead AHEAD
Indie pop singer Parks ARLO
IRS or FBI staffer AGT
It might have a pet name IDTAG
Joe who managed the Mets, Braves, Cardinals, Yankees and Dodgers TORRE
Justice Dept. division ATF
Kind of bar or torch TIKI
Lb. and oz WTS
Lip curl SNEER
Magazine contents AMMO
March Madness rank SEED
Mardi ___ GRAS
Meets some difficulty HITSAROUGHPATCH
Messages sent without a stamp EMAIL
Mustang fuel? OATS
Pained cries OWS
Persia, today IRAN
Picnic invader ANT
Place PUT
Pointed AIMED
Prime sector for development, and a clue to the ends of 18-, 24-, 40- and 50-Across GROWTHAREA
Rap’s Megan ___ Stallion THEE
Reaction to a gut punch OOF
Relish SAVOR
Seller of assemble-it-yourself furniture IKEA
Shoulder muscle, for short DELT
Sister in Chekhov’s “Three Sisters” OLGA
Soaks in hot water, say STEEPS
Some fruit pastries PEARTARTS
Some marbles AGATES
Start of a counting rhyme EENIE
Steve of “Space Force” CARELL
They teach sophs PROFS
Tony winner Ramírez SARA
Took no action for the time being SATPAT
Very small bit WHIT
Where stars are seen SKY