The Guardian - Quiptic crossword No 1,201 - Nov 21 2022

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Clues Answers
Agents dropping fine group of players ACTORS
Approved adding spicier centre in cheapest meat OFFICIAL
Careless agent retaining cut SLOPPY
Colour of extremely comfy afghan CYAN
Company boss integrates R&D as an article of faith CREDO
Constant pessimist has no yen for alfresco dining PICNIC
Disorganised NHS lab flooded with body parts FLESHANDBLOOD
Food colonists found initially inside wood BEEFSTEAK
French author going after ugly woman for cheese GORGONZOLA
Inspection finds minuscule attachment to fastener, reportedly SCRUTINY
It's much taller, said Spooner, getting confused HAYWIRE
Liberal Party wet a renowned law enforcer? WYATTEARP
Open and happy face UPFRONT
Pedestrian being initially very fussy BANAL
Plain clothes include a couple of accessories lacking finish MUFTI
Clues Answers
Pull back piece of dustcart taillight ATTRACT
Quite large digit can cause input error FATFINGER
Regularly pass up rest to get the black stuff ASPHALT
Right old passion for country ROMANIA
Singer paid thief, when compromised EDITHPIAF
Small actor excited by order to fight CALLTOARMS
Tell the story of disputed election result RECOUNT
The reason inquisitive children get eventually BECAUSE
Theatre worries, showing cheap TV programmes? REPEATS
Top class haven for millions — it can't be bettered ACME
Unclear how unfortunate cubs got covered in mineral OBSCURE
University gets kudos, having cracked this puzzle SUDOKU
When to act? As soon as union gets involved ONCUE
Willing to put everything one has under tension TESTATE