Universal - Nov 14 2022

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Clues Answers
"As if!" HAH
"Democracy Dies in Darkness" paper, briefly WAPO
"Don't worry ___ it" ABOUT
"Howdy!" HEY
"I'm hu-u-ungry!" FEEDME
"Life of Pi" director Lee ANG
2019 live-action film that critics pounced on CATS
24 horas DIA
Arial, for one FONT
Barely winning UPONE
Brand for a hopeful couple, perhaps EPT
Brisk and spirited, in scores VIVACE
Certain coffee maker's sound DRIP
Defeated in chess MATED
Dense calorie source FAT
Dot-com start-up? WWW
Effortless assimilation OSMOSIS
End-of-week cry TGIF
Florida city that hosted the 2021 Super Bowl TAMPA
Glamping shelter YURT
Good place to make a scene? SET
Grown-up tadpoles FROGS
Half of hex- TRI
Half of seis TRES
He died in Aphrodite's arms ADONIS
Healthy eating store that could aptly carry 17-, 24-, 32- and 49-Across? WHOLEFOODS
Kick out of an apartment EVICT
Kicks out of a country EXILES
Liquid cooking 58-Down OIL
Midday snooze SIESTA
Minimum ___ WAGE
Most pleasant NICEST
Name that sounds like a cheese BREE
Naturally spelled cereal brand? FRUITLOOPS
Naturally spelled donut brand? CRISPYCREAM
Clues Answers
Naturally spelled powdered candy brand? PIXIESTICKS
Naturally spelled soft-serve brand? TASTYFREEZE
Photo- ___ (media events) OPS
Picked hairstyle AFRO
Places for knapsacks BACKS
Polished and shined BUFFED
Put a tear in RIP
Ready to roll? INGEAR
Same old, same old RUT
Sharpen HONE
Sharpen WHET
Small beard that was big in the '90s GOATEE
Solid cooking 58-Down LARD
Sourdough unit LOAF
Spotted wildcat OCELOT
Stallion's gender MALE
Stocking-up period? YULE
Tapioca pearls BOBA
Tarzan, notably APEMAN
Thingamabobs DOODADS
Thor or Captain America AVENGER
Trees in a Eugene O'Neill title ELMS
TV hosts MCS
Tweeting site? NEST
Two fives, e.g., in poker PAIR
Usually high cards ACES
Where to see everything from alligators to zebras ZOO
White House reception locale EASTROOM
Wishful phrase IHOPE
Word after "bathing" or "birthday" SUIT
Work on a sweater KNIT
___ terrier SKYE
___ the picture GET
___-repeated OFT