Wall Street Journal - Nov 14 2022 - In a Tight Spot

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Clues Answers
“Check,” in Texas hold ’em NOBET
“Cheers” setting BAR
“___ all she wrote” THATS
“___ Misérables” LES
*Atticus Finch, for one DEFENSEATTORNEY
*Crush or Squirt, in “Finding Nemo” GREENSEATURTLE
*How to summon a childhood fairy LOSEATOOTH
*Unexpected ambush SURPRISEATTACK
007 creator Fleming IAN
Absence of difficulty EASE
Actor in a crowd scene EXTRA
Baby Yoda’s real name GROGU
Candy with fun dispensers PEZ
Center of a tropical storm EYE
Choose from the menu ORDER
Classic Pontiacs GTOS
Curse HEX
Dr. who co-founded Beats DRE
Eject OUST
Fail dismally FLOP
Fill in the ___ BLANK
Fitting APT
Frequently, in poetry OFT
Gambler’s calculation ODDS
Geography class reference ATLAS
Historical artifact RELIC
Horror star Lugosi BELA
Inner self, in Jungian psychology ANIMA
It’s just a number AGE
Jeweler’s magnifier LOUPE
Joined the chorus SANG
Journey TRIP
King Kong, for one APE
Leaping amphibian FROG
Lecture series with “ideas worth spreading” TEDTALKS
Legal documents to ensure confidentiality, briefly NDAS
Letter after alpha BETA
Likely spot for a procrastinating traveler, and a feature of the starred answers MIDDLESEAT
Clues Answers
Long sandwich SUB
Makes a sudden change of course VEERS
Mammal on Ontario’s coat of arms MOOSE
Minimum LEAST
Mobley of the Cavaliers EVAN
Mom’s sisters AUNTS
Mysterious glow AURA
Nat. with the most stars on its flag USA
Org. for motorists AAA
Org. that oversees medical trials FDA
Parks of the civil rights movement ROSA
Peru’s largest city LIMA
Peter who picked a peck of pickled peppers PIPER
Preparing to fire AIMING
President born in Honolulu OBAMA
Privies for privates LATRINES
Put two and two together? ADDED
Rene of “Get Shorty” RUSSO
Revered celebrities IDOLS
Rickman of the Harry Potter films ALAN
Spherical bodies ORBS
Stage platform for a choir RISER
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Take a catnap DOZE
Take home from the shelter, say ADOPT
The Beatles’ “Back in the ___” USSR
The Beatles’ “Eight Days ___” AWEEK
The Jetsons’ dog ASTRO
The things right here THESE
They’re typed into browser address fields URLS
Tile bonder GROUT
Tres minus dos UNO
Trick RUSE
Tutti-___ FRUTTI
Wrapped up ENDED
Writer Calvino ITALO
___ Jima IWO
___-Unis ETATS