Boston Globe - Nov 28 2010

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Clues Answers
'Bye!' SEEYA
'Not since Hector was __' APUP
'Sister Act''s Kathy NAJIMY
'That hurts!' OUCH
'Whoopee!' YAY
'Yeah, right!' ASIF
'__ Restaurant' ALICES
1950s gold-medal winner Albright TENLEY
1960s sprinter Wyomia TYUS
1960s USAF chief of staff LEMAY
1984 perfect-game pitcher Mike WITT
83 Across, e.g. STAR
Abrogates REPEALS
Actor Wheaton WIL
Actor/songwriter Novello IVOR
Agana's island GUAM
Archipelago components ISLETS
Auctioneer's cry SOLD
Based on experience EMPIRIC
Become tiresome CLOY
Beltway VIP SEN
Break out ERUPT
Bring to a boil? ENRAGE
Butter serving PAT
Cable-TV sports awards ESPYS
Cachet SEAL
Canis Minor's brightest PROCYON
Carnival-like CIRCUSY
Carny's words to a game winner? TAKEYOURKEWPIE
Castle ROOK
Checkout lines? UPCS
Chichen __ ITZA
Chore for Arizona census takers? TALLYHOPI
Church section APSE
Chutney ingredients MANGOES
Clear the tables BUS
Close call SCARE
Commotion STIR
Coordination, for short SYNC
Cracker Jack prize TOY
Crucial KEY
Crying over a videogame? NINTENDOWEEPY
Doctor's order SAYAH
Early in the XIIth century MCIII
Entrap SNARE
Equitable FAIR
Essential NEEDED
Eucalyptus eaters KOALAS
Exceptional RARE
Fashion monogram YSL
Film-rating org. MPAA
Flaccid LIMP
Fleetwood __ MAC
Flock in flight SKEIN
Former First Lady who needs vitamins? NANCYDROOPY
Golfer Vijay SINGH
Green, maybe UNRIPE
Gumbo need OKRA
H.S.T.'s successor DDE
Hosp. staffers RNS
Huge fans of a Dwarf? DOPEYNUTS
Impressive setup ARRAY
It does the hole job AWL
It gives one pause COMMA
Jagged-edged EROSE
Janklowicz of workout-video fame GILAD
John or Christine of 91 Down MCVIE
Line of fashion? SEAM
Literary captain's namesakes NEMOS
Loads of fun AHOOT
Magnetic coil SOLENOID
Clues Answers
Maui mementos LEIS
McCallum's 'NCIS' role DUCKY
Medical prioritization TRIAGE
Melville novel set in Tahiti OMOO
Meth. SYST
Method WAY
Michael of 'This Is Spinal Tap' MCKEAN
Midway attraction RIDE
Minstrel's repertoire LAYS
Monarchic ROYAL
Moon of Jupiter ELARA
Ms. McEntire REBA
Music to a punster's ears MOAN
Neutral tone ECRU
Next-to-last round SEMIS
Nor. neighbor SWE
Nourish a newborn SUCKLE
Novelist Cather WILLA
One with the Wright stuff? AIRMAN
Ophthalmologist's specialty EYE
Oscar nominee as Frida SALMA
Out of control AMOK
Part of T.G.I.F. ITS
Passed by LAPSED
Philippics RANTS
Piggy-bank feature SLOT
Pizza topping SAUSAGE
Poet Giovanni NIKKI
Rd. with a no. RTE
Request for permission MAYI
Required a styptic pencil NICKED
Reservations QUALMS
Resonated HITHOME
Revelers on the reservation? TEPEEPARTIERS
Run up the phone bill GAB
Scene of chaos ZOO
Seafood selection PRAWNS
See 110 Across QUAYLE
Senior moment? PROM
Sept-__ (Quebec town) ILES
Serengeti herd ELANDS
Shell contents NUTMEAT
Shock JAR
Signs up ENLISTS
Singer David Allan __ COE
Single-legged stands UNIPODS
Skater Yamaguchi KRISTI
Someone __ (not mine) ELSES
Song from Sheriff Taylor's grandson? OPIEMYPAPA
Speck MOTE
Sphagnum product PEAT
Stone that crunches? CRISPYROCK
Subordinate part COG
Supplicate PRAY
Tapestry ARRAS
Test-track obstacle CONE
Thanksgiving veggie YAM
They can make a grand entrance ARCHWAYS
Tibetan critter YAK
Treasure seeker's aid MAP
Ulyanov's alias LENIN
Understanding KEN
Unpopular 1950s model EDSEL
Use lots of lather? MAKEITSOAPY
Very early, as educ. PREK
Vestige TRACE
With 13 Down, winning ticket in 1988 BUSH
__ flames (burn) GOUPIN
__ pajamas THECATS