USA Today - Jan 1 2023

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Clues Answers
'C'est la ___' VIE
'Get with the times!' THATSSOLASTYEAR
'Hell of a Book' author Jason MOTT
'I Like ___' (T-Pain & Kehlani song) DAT
'It is ___ to be silent when it is your duty to protest' (quote attributed to Abraham Lincoln) ASIN
'Must be a day ending in Y' SOWHATELSEISNEW
'No it's not,' for example DENIAL
A ___ on the wrist SLAP
Alternative to fries TOTS
Beginning stage ONSET
Big cat in a Nael poem TIGER
Boot out of office OUST
Brand of chocolate truffles LINDT
Brooding music genre EMO
Business mogul MAGNATE
California volcano MTSHASTA
Challenged by an ordeal TESTED
Cleverness WIT
Deliberately limited, like internet bandwidth THROTTLED
Despise HATE
ER workers RNS
Fancy ride LIMO
First Nations resistance movement IDLENOMORE
Florida suburb whose name is a portmanteau of two major cities TAMIAMI
Food brand comparisons TASTETESTS
Get caught on something SNAG
Go inside ENTER
Grin very widely BEAM
In the midst of AMONGST
Jazz great Armstrong LOUIS
Job interview subject PAY
Job interview subjects STARTDATES
Clues Answers
Makes really happy ELATES
Makeup of 32-Across WATER
Marsupials that are immune to rattlesnake venom POSSUMS
Miracle-___ (gardening brand) GRO
Mouse with a polka-dot dress MINNIE
Nature photographer Adams ANSEL
New York baseball team METS
Nickname for Harold HAL
Nickname for Theodore TED
Not as much LESS
One-named singer born in Lagos TEMS
People from Beaverton or Bend OREGONIANS
Permitted by law LEGAL
Person deciding how many stars to give something RATER
Praises excessively ADULATES
Prefix for 'represent' MIS
Really enjoy yourself HAVEABLAST
Rock band ___-Kinney SLEATER
Rough in texture COARSE
School in SoCal UCSD
Short stay during a journey STOPOVER
Skin openings PORES
Something made at 11:11 WISH
Something used while showering at someone else's place GUESTTOWEL
Terrestrial ONEARTH
The Nile, etc RIVERS
Trick-or-___ (costumed visitor) TREATER
Webpage SITE
Went fast SPED
West Coast time zone, for short PST
What eggshells, coffee filters and wine corks can be COMPOST
___ and aahs OOHS