USA Today - Dec 28 2022

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Clues Answers
'Ayudame, ___ favor' POR
'Do ___ others . . .' UNTO
'Howdy!' HELLO
'It's just too much for me' ICANT
'Nice decision' GOODCALL
'Sun,' in Spanish SOL
'That's not good . . .' UHOH
'You're it!' game TAG
Add up TALLY
Art more valuable than a print ORIGINAL
Avis competitor ALAMO
Ben, to Peter Parker UNCLE
Berkeley school, for short CAL
Bird with a loud caw CROW
Brainstorming goal IDEA
Brown carbonated drink COLA
Celebrity status FAME
Chemical in soap LYE
Chicken dish with chipotles and adobo TINGA
Chihuahua-pug mix CHUG
Colorful North American duck BLUEWINGEDTEAL
Crustaceans that can walk in all directions CRABS
Disney hero who sings 'Reflection' MULAN
Dog command similar to 'shake' PAW
Driver's licenses, e.g IDS
Falsehood LIE
Feature of many malls and subway stations ESCALATOR
Fish in hitsumabushi EEL
Frozen over ICY
Go boom, volcano-style ERUPT
Grass for sports fields TURF
Green stone JADE
Healthy WELL
How a boring story might feel LONG
How a person might show up to a party, but not a meeting FASHIONABLYLATE
Important consideration when adding decimals PLACEVALUE
Joins the applause CLAPS
Just so-so MEH
Clues Answers
Kind of a Big ___ (punny name for an herb shop) DILL
Lake south of Ontario ERIE
Letters next to cellphone bars LTE
Like a Jenga tower just before toppling, often SHAKY
Like latkes OILY
Little cut NICK
Movie theater chain AMC
Moving van company UHAUL
Natural remedy for burns ALOE
Opening poker stake ANTE
Passing craze FAD
Pays to borrow RENTS
Person who's on your side ALLY
Play area that can be dived into BALLPIT
Radio silence DEADAIR
Recovery regimen REHAB
Salary PAY
Sand hills DUNES
Seattle Storm guard Loyd JEWELL
Shopping ___ SPREE
State of disarray MESS
Story used as a warning CAUTIONARYTALE
Support for a ball TEE
Survey POLL
T. rex, e.g DINO
Tape player VCR
Teeny ITTY
Therapist's charge FEE
Three-foot unit YARD
Type of knife BOWIE
What free-verse poetry often lacks RHYME
Wingspan or Scrabble, e.g GAME
Word often paired with 'neither' NOR
___ and pans POTS
___ for apples BOB
___ of expertise AREA
___ up (come clean) FESS