L.A. Times Daily - Nov 27 2010

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Clues Answers
1981 Wolfgang Petersen film DASBOOT
About one in six Iraqis KURD
Actual wording TEXT
Address book abbr. TEL
Ask too many questions PRY
Back AGO
Be rewarded on the job GETARAISE
Big drop sounds PLOPS
Big name in real estate REMAX
Building site sight IBAR
Bush country? REDSTATES
College Park athlete, for short TERP
Conservationists' concerns FORESTS
Developed AROSE
Didactic types, often BORES
Drink suffix ADE
Elbows on the table, say FAUXPAS
Evil sort FIEND
Exactly TOATEE
Farsi speaker IRANI
First two words of "Green Eggs and Ham" IAM
Flaubert biographer SARTRE
Foggy state STUPOR
Give out EMIT
Guitar component GSTRING
Horace works EPODES
Hot time to see Nancy? ETE
Insect section THORAX
Istanbul shelter IMARET
It clashes with stripes PLAID
It's SSE of Salt Lake City OREMUTAH
Iteration opening ISAID
Jazz organist Saunders MERL
Clues Answers
Like "The Hurt Locker," e.g. RRATED
Liqueur made with coffee beans TIAMARIA
Lith., once SSR
Lobby with heaters?: Abbr. NRA
Lose ground? ERODE
Losing, after "on" ADIET
Ludlum's amnesiac Jason BOURNE
Moscato d'__: sparkling wine ASTI
Multi-colored bloomers PANSIES
Oberon's spouse TITANIA
One is in the Guinness Book for its 1,728-word vocabulary PARAKEET
One may be civil ENGINEER
One of a swimmer's pair EARPLUG
Ones with "a case of mistaken nonentity": Barbara Stanwyck EGOTISTS
Peaceful SERENE
Put forward POSIT
Run by an ex, as a household ONEPARENT
Setting up FRAMING
Short __ STORY
Sitcom named for its star REBA
Some clinic customers PETOWNERS
Source of some Russian copper URALS
South-of-the-border sunblock? SOMBRERO
Startled cry YIPE
Suggested amt. to have RDA
Superhero first introduced as a teenager SPIDERMAN
Track fixture TOTEBOARD
Ultimate objective ENDALL
Vital artery AORTA
Want to take back RUE
Weasel relative STOAT
Where the Boss's band once rehearsed ESTREET
Woolf's "__ of One's Own" AROOM