USA Today - Dec 15 2022

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Clues Answers
'12 Men of Christmas' or 'Fatal Lessons: The Good Teacher' LIFETIMEMOVIE
'Am I the drama?' ISITME
'And then?! Keep going!' TELLMEMORE
'Challenge accepted!' ITSON
'Grown-ish' star Shahidi YARA
'Just a heads-up . . .' FYI
'Rap Sh!t' creator Issa RAE
'Salt Fat Acid ___' (Samin Nosrat book) HEAT
'Star Wars' villain Kylo REN
'That's right!' YEP
'Virgo's ___' (Beyonce song) GROOVE
'Whichever works' EITHER
'Without further ___ . . .' ADO
'___ Miserables' LES
'___ the Woods' (Sondheim musical) INTO
*gulp* OHNO
Amanda ___, the first National Youth Poet Laureate GORMAN
Appliance for wrinkled clothes IRON
Before and ___ ('Wheel of Fortune' category) AFTER
Comedian's platform STAGE
Crepes served with chutney DOSAS
Crumb-carrying insect ANT
Daffodil part STEM
Devour EAT
Does some sums ADDS
Feeling down in the dumps SAD
Flying saucer, for example UFO
Gestures of agreement NODS
Has a debt to settle OWES
Have on WEAR
High-___ monitor RES
Home plate official UMP
Identical ones are rare TRIPLETS
Infuriated MAD
Ingredient for making pasta EGG
Knee tissue, for short ACL
Labels on T-shirts TAGS
Clues Answers
Like less-than-90-degree angles ACUTE
Long stretches of time EONS
Magazine boss EDITOR
Menacing statement THREAT
Music genre whose E stands for 'electronic' EDM
Must-have NEED
Not all SOME
Periodontist's speciality GUMS
Place for a brooch LAPEL
Primary spirit in a Manhattan RYE
Proposals OFFERS
Radiate EMIT
Rescuer SAVIOR
Residential loans HOMEMORTGAGES
Ripped TORE
Scoreboard count (Abbr.) PTS
Silver or steel METAL
Sinus expert ENT
Sleepytime Bear product TEA
Slip past ELUDE
Slip past EVADE
Soft leather SUEDE
Some sheep EWES
Spanish cheer OLE
Standards NORMS
Tenant's contract LEASE
Texas-to-Louisiana direction EAST
The ___-Missouria Tribe OTOE
Thick-leaved succulent ALOE
Thought IDEA
Title for Ian McKellen SIR
U.S. astronauts' org NASA
Uncorking sound POP
Width's counterpart LENGTH
Within the ___ of possibility REALM
Word before 'ring' or 'board' MOOD
Word before 'storm' or 'angel' SNOW
___ Pieces (peanut butter candies) REESES
___ to pick (minor complaints) NITS