Universal - Nov 9 2022

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Clues Answers
"Atlas Shrugged" novelist Rand AYN
"Disgusting!" ICK
"Not to mention ..." ALSO
"Rumor is ..." SOMESAY
1) Name an idiom meaning "be overcrowded" BURSTATTHESEAMS
2) Which arachnid is also called a harvestman? DADDYLONGLEGS
3) In the 1950s, where did teens order malts? SODAFOUNTAINS
35-Across output EGG
Act just like MIMIC
Argentine aunt TIA
Bagel topper LOX
Bing, bang or boom NOISE
Blues and bluegrass, for two GENRES
Body of water between Indonesian islands JAVASEA
Broad rd AVE
Card game whose name is shouted UNO
Celtics game official REF
Chardonnay setting WINEBAR
Club ___ (certain resorts) MEDS
Company name abbr INC
Contacts by email, perhaps SENDSANOTE
Cook a lobster or two, maybe DINEIN
Craft kit inits DIY
Curator's deg., maybe MFA
Defeat, and then some TROUNCE
Donald Duck's nephews, for one TRIO
Elmer, to Bugs DOC
Enjoyed lobster Newburg ATE
Entanglements WEBS
Exam suggested by the first words of 17-, 24- and 44-Across? POPQUIZ
Expressing feeling EMOTIVE
Feel lousy AIL
Female reproductive organ OVARY
Filmmaker DuVernay AVA
Fish propellers FINS
Fixes, as a pet SPAYS
Clues Answers
For the most part OVERALL
Former Swedish automaker SAAB
Historic time ERA
Intermediate NCAA level DIVISIONII
It might be babbling BROOK
Just not done TABOO
Leave dumbfounded AMAZE
Lettuce, cucumber and kale dish, e.g GREENSALAD
Like the head, shoulders, knees and toes ANATOMICAL
Masterful ADEPT
Microscopic TEENY
Muppet who shares a name with a saint ELMO
Name hidden in "on or about" NORA
Outback runner EMU
Paris' Pont ___ Arts DES
Pass along, as gossip RETELL
Personalized gift site ETSY
Possible answer to "Are you still in bed?" IMUP
Preserve the status ___ QUO
Professor Hill of Brandeis ANITA
Region AREA
Scoffs at DERIDES
Silicon Valley exec CTO
Sleeveless garment VEST
Sovereign sphere ORB
Targeted AIMEDAT
The "J" of J.S. Bach JOHANN
The "S" of CBS: Abbr SYS
Vertical graph lines YAXES
Very funny person RIOT
Vowel-shaped dress style ALINE
Yoga posture ASANA
___ and pieces BITS
___ favor (please, in Spanish) POR
___ Field (home of the Mets) CITI
___ sleeping dogs lie LET