L.A. Times Daily - Nov 9 2022

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Clues Answers
"Altogether ooky" family ADDAMS
"Come again?" WHAT
"EastEnders" network BBC
"Exile in Guyville" singer Phair LIZ
"Plug me in soon!" warning LOWBATTERY
"Seriously!" NOJOKE
"Silas Marner" novelist ELIOT
"The Purloined Letter" writer Edgar Allan __ POE
"When They See Us" creator DuVernay AVA
"You crack me up" HAHA
"You got it" YES
38-Down ingredients EGGS
Actor who plays Cho Sang-woo on "Squid Game" PARKHAESOO
Actress Ryder WINONA
Alcorn __: HBCU in Mississippi STATE
Annette of "Virgin River" OTOOLE
Antique mall? AGORA
Aqua kin TEAL
Arcade giant SEGA
Art that may be covered by a boot ANKLETAT
Bake-off appliance OVEN
Barilla rival RAGU
Bee complex HIVE
Bluish gray SLATE
Bounce HOP
Brunch choice OMELETTE
Bugler's blast BLARE
Burro ASS
Churns ROILS
Clamor DIN
Come in first WIN
Cookie quantity BATCH
Copenhagen resident DANE
Countryman and Clubman MINIS
Court clown JESTER
Cult-favorite indie band formed by Jeff Mangum NEUTRALMILKHOTEL
Culture essayist Tolentino JIA
Does some onstage improv SCATS
Feminine pronoun HER
Generate CREATE
Get along well MESH
Clues Answers
Gymnast Suni LEE
Hallway runner RUG
Ingredient in piccata dishes CAPER
Kung __ chicken PAO
Letters of urgency SOS
Like heavy clogs WOODEN
Lost color PALED
Loyal TRUE
Merch table buy TEE
Nagging desire ITCH
Needle TEASE
Orange or peach HUE
Paddled, say SWAM
Personal OWN
Print sources? PAWS
Promos ADS
Pulled tight TAUT
Raise dramatically, as prices JACKUP
Ready to move on OVERIT
Reject DENY
Rowing machine, familiarly ERG
Sad Keanu or Grumpy Cat MEME
Sheepdog, e.g HERDER
Showing little emotion STOIC
Startles ALARMS
Steady look GAZE
Steak order RARE
Submit, in an MMA match TAPOUT
Thanksgiving mo. in Canada OCT
Toiling away ATWORK
Travel that largely avoids rush-hour traffic REVERSECOMMUTE
Two-fifths of Miami? EMS
Unseen Beckett character GODOT
W-2 fig SSN
Way to go ROAD
Window boxes? ACS
__ kwon do TAE