Wall Street Journal - Nov 2 2022 - There’s Nothing Left

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Clues Answers
“...the bombs bursting ___” INAIR
“Cheap Thrills” singer SIA
“Goosebumps” author STINE
“Rhyme Pays” rapper ICET
“Roger” follower WILCO
“Seems correct,” and a hint to 17-, 27- and 44-Across SOUNDSRIGHT
Advice from an accountant to a baseball memorabilia collector? WRITEOFFTHEBAT
Advice to have a formal church wedding ceremony? DOTHERITETHING
Advice to see Fallingwater as part of an architectural tour? FITWRIGHTIN
Always in one’s thoughts ONTHEBRAIN
Antlered animal STAG
Any “Cheers” episode, now RERUN
Baseball’s “Master Melvin” OTT
Bean variety FAVA
Before long, to a bard ANON
Believer’s suffix IST
Best man’s best man GROOM
Cash in Cologne EUROS
Catchall category OTHER
Classical roofed colonnade STOA
Cries of comprehension OHS
Denial from Deneuve NON
Dierks Bentley’s “Am ___ Only One” ITHE
Dr.’s org AMA
Egyptian emblem of rebirth SCARAB
First prime TWO
Frère du père ONCLE
Geller known for spoon bending URI
Geriatrics focus AGING
Golf’s Mickelson PHIL
Gordie with 801 goals HOWE
Granular MEALY
Hoofbeat CLOP
Hunky-dory AOK
Insinuate GETAT
Largest of a certain septet ASIA
LAX info ARR
Lay to rest INTER
Clues Answers
Letter between November and Papa OSCAR
Map app facilitator, for short GPS
Marked by speculative investing GOGO
Metals company headquartered in Pittsburgh ALCOA
Mitt succeeded him ORRIN
Negative conjunction NOR
Newsworthy OFNOTE
Obliterate RUBOUT
Obliterates ERASES
Pampering, briefly TLC
Parts of hearts ATRIA
Position ORIENT
Refreshing breaks NAPS
Relay segment LEG
Remove DOFF
Renounce ESCHEW
Ripped TORN
River to the Rhine RUHR
Russian retreat DACHA
Ship bound for Colchis ARGO
Sites with rails and posts RACETRACKS
Stand-up person MENSCH
Starting point ORIGIN
State whose flag includes the Union Jack HAWAII
Stated SAID
Steakhouse choice FILET
Stick around STAY
Store stock: Abbr MDSE
Titan condemned to hold up the heavens ATLAS
Tourist city of India AGRA
U.N. workers’ agency ILO
Uncontaminated CLEAN
Unconventional OUTRE
Vacation spot INN
Video surveillance letters CCTV
Winter blanket? SNOW
Zodiac animal RAM