Universal - Nov 24 2010

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Clues Answers
"Come on down!" announcer Johnny OLSON
"Starman" arrival UFO
"The Tonight Show" gig, e.g. GUESTAPPEARANCE
"___ It Up" (1978 Elvis Costello hit) PUMP
1871 Verdi debut AIDA
1936 Olympics star Jesse OWENS
According to PER
Agreeable odor AROMA
Arizona flattop MESA
Award for "The Amazing Race" EMMY
Barely made it (with "out") EKED
Batik artisan DYER
Bit of monkey business PRANK
Brick road color of film YELLOW
Brouhaha ADO
Burnt ___ (Crayola color) SIENNA
Causes of personality clashes EGOS
Change of fortune REVERSAL
Cracker topping, perhaps PATE
Cruising the Caribbean, say ASEA
Descriptions on product boxes USES
Desertlike ARID
Dip supporter CONE
Division of many a company CUSTOMERSERVICE
Duel measures PACES
Dull hurt ACHE
Edible gastropod SNAIL
First name among the "Ghost" cast DEMI
Fishes that may shock you EELS
Fleshy seed covering ARIL
Form an incline SLANT
Frat letter KAPPA
Hard to resolve MESSY
Has regrets RUES
Highway part LANE
Incision in an arrow NOCK
Indian flatbread (Var.) NAAN
Inexact fig. EST
Intro giver EMCEE
Clues Answers
Introduce, as an issue RAISE
Ironically funny, perhaps WRY
It may come with charges TNT
It's sometimes behind the eight ball CUE
Jack of "Hawaii Five-O" LORD
Late night host LENO
Like an eagle's eye KEEN
Like freakish coincidences EERIE
Meltable spread OLEO
Montaigne piece ESSAY
Not to be trusted SLY
Nuclear proliferation ARMSRACE
Orbital period YEAR
Ordinary USUAL
Partners of radii ULNAE
Place featured in Genesis EDEN
Ponder (over) MULL
Previously ONCE
Prof's underlings TAS
Protagonist HERO
Provide with funds ENDOW
Quarrel DUSTUP
Roomy bag CARRYALL
Saucy and sassy PERT
Scrabble piece TILE
Stands in a boardroom EASELS
Subtle quality AURA
The "f" in f-stop FOCAL
Trade barbs or blows SPAR
Two in a row? OARS
Warm-hearted NICE
Watches the years go by AGES
Wordsworth's successor as poet laureate TENNYSON
Yale graduate ELI
___ fool (be silly) ACTA
___ Mall (London street) PALL
___ of Good Feelings (Monroe years) ERA
___ Ridge, Tenn. OAK