L.A. Times Daily - Oct 30 2022

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Clues Answers
"An Introduction to Calculus" or "The Art of Public Speaking"? TEXTBOOKEXAMPLE
"C'est la __!" VIE
"Chicago" choreographer FOSSE
"Eighth Grade" actress Fisher ELSIE
"Get Out" writer/director Jordan PEELE
"Heavens!" MYSTARS
"If it __ broke ... " AINT
"Makes sense" ISEE
"Please let me?" CANTI
"Sammy the Seal" writer Hoff SYD
"Scoot!" VAMOOSE
"Shazam!" actor Zachary LEVI
"Sold out" sign SRO
"What's the __?": slangy "What gives?" DEALIO
"__ whiz!" GEE
109-Across maker's need LYE
Accounted for a bag, say TARED
Actor Mineo SAL
Amalfi Coast country ITALY
Ante- PRE
Anxious feeling AGITA
Apple tablet IPAD
Arches National Park state UTAH
Ariana Grande's "Thank U, __" NEXT
Avocado dip, for short GUAC
Bad sign OMEN
Bass beer ALE
Behind schedule LATE
Bewitch HEX
Big Band __ ERA
Bring in IMPORT
C-section souvenir SCAR
Campus officials DEANS
Capital of 118-Across EURO
Cause of a product recall, perhaps DESIGNFLAW
Cheering loudly AROAR
Chemistry lab substances SOLUTES
Christian Louboutin shoes or a Fendi bag? FASHIONILLUSTRATION
Clive of "Gosford Park" OWEN
Comedian Phyllis DILLER
Crossword diagram GRID
Dam that created Lake Nasser ASWAN
Defeated, as a dragon SLAIN
Doesn't put up a fight TAKESIT
Dove bar SOAP
Emmy statue or the Stanley Cup? PRIZESPECIMEN
Entrance WAYIN
Fabric store section SILKS
Fancy jug EWER
Fencing blade EPEE
Field day equipment POTATOSACK
Fifth Avenue retailer SAKS
Final installment, perhaps PARTV
First name in civil rights history ROSA
Fitness portmanteau TAEBO
Fled RAN
Fleecy boots UGGS
Formerly ONCE
French infinitive ETRE
Gaelic tongue ERSE
Geometry calculation AREA
Ghana's capital ACCRA
Gibson Flying V or Fender Stratocaster? GUITARCASE
Going up RISING
Good-sized yard ACRE
Google Play download APP
Grand Slam component USOPEN
Guarantee ENSURE
Haitian friend AMIE
Helps reduce swelling ICES
Clues Answers
Herb with grayish leaves SAGE
Hunter near the Pleiades ORION
Indie pop duo __ and Sara TEGAN
Is inclined TILTS
IT dept. array PCS
Jaipur attire SARI
King or queen, but not prince BED
Life's work CAREER
Light shirts TEES
Like reasonably strong bonds RATEDA
Like whiskey and wine AGED
Literary realm by the River Shribble NARNIA
Little round vegetables PEAS
Local leaders MAYORS
Make a point SCORE
Many grad students, for short TAS
Marble top or butcher block? COUNTERINSTANCE
Meal in a bowl STEW
Measure up CUTIT
Member of an Iraqi religious minority YAZIDI
Middle of a Latin boast VIDI
Norwegian banking hub OSLO
Novelist Kingsley AMIS
Old Dodge OMNI
Ongoing drama SAGA
Opposition group ANTIS
Orchard units TREES
Philly Ivy UPENN
Picnic container COOLER
Point the finger at ACCUSE
Poke fun at TEASE
Pop star John ELTON
PowerShot camera-maker CANON
Really small EENY
Relieves EASES
Richter or Mohs? SCALEMODEL
Scepter top ORB
Scoreboard abbr. for a rainout PPD
Scot's refusal NAE
Shortened title MAAM
Skybox setting ARENA
SLR camera by 1-Across EOS
Snatch NAB
Snow remover PLOW
Snuggle (in) NESTLE
Somewhat ABIT
Speak (up) PIPE
Sphinx, in part LION
Spoken ORAL
Stealthy thief CATBURGLAR
Straightens up ALIGNS
Suppresses, as bad news SITSON
Tattle on RATOUT
Tehran resident IRANI
Tell a story LIE
Threw in ADDED
Thus far UPTONOW
Trapshooting SKEET
Trattoria fare PASTA
Tupperware top LID
TV grouch OSCAR
Verizon Wireless rival SPRINT
Went quickly SPED
Wound cover SCAB
Writer Bombeck ERMA
Yo lead-in FRO
__ buco OSSO
__ moss PEAT
__ the Elder: Roman historian CATO