The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 38 - Oct 16 2022

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Clues Answers
... and more than half of that's wrapped in tissue SINEW
Area of water being evacuated by Portugal TERRAIN
Black resident of Martha's Vineyard maybe needs love AMERICANO
Broadcast made by space traveller supporting president TRUMPET
Compact pads which sleepers may occupy LOBES
Enjoy a retro view of bizarre Mini scenario REMINISCE
Establish fact number one should be rebutted STATION
Finally we can't forget 'Carry On' with aunt's bottle exploding LASTBUTNOTLEAST
Fly-by-night getting married in the morning -- first whopper! MAMMOTH
Food choice leads to scrap RAREBIT
Give up article going into some football draw with the Spanish THROWINTHETOWEL
Member of union that's moonlighting? ADULTERER
Mumbling stuff in bed RHUBARB
Not bothered with run? This should suit EASYCHAIR
One should teach about provincial painting, perhaps retrospectively TRAINER
Clues Answers
One's turned or will turn 5 ROTOR
Outline of Elvis Concerto's uplifting but hit-and-miss STENCIL
Perform piano backing with troupe's online show PODCAST
Person waiting in front of prison cheers when one is incarcerated BARISTA
Poles acquiring company, lucky things MASCOTS
Purge of SF incited outburst DISINFECT
Special unit's OK intervening splitting up boozers SOAKS
Steal from bank over river, getting clear BARGAIN
Take a scalpel to job one: chin augmentation -- it's delicate BONECHINA
Ticket for Versailles, the water spectacle TABLEAU
Truss, optionally reversible, used by runner to tighten belt SKIMP
Unpopular group rocks, not all appearing for show OUTCROP
Very much at sea from cocaine? OCEANIC
What has five or two more itself? LETTERS
Woolly sweater unravelling at hem again ... RESEW