New York Times - Oct 30 2022

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Clues Answers
'I'm good, thanks' NAH
'My dear man ...' SIR
'The Merchant of Venice' character who favors wordplay PORTIA
2014 movie portraying the work of 25-Across, with 'The' IMITATIONGAME
Add chocolate sauce and a cherry to, say TOP
Affirmations from the congregation AMENS
Alvin ___, first African American to be elected Manhattan's district attorney BRAGG
Appearance LOOKS
Arrive at, as an idea HITON
Attitude SPIRIT
Bank run, perhaps ERRAND
Bind FIX
Bird of the Baltic SMEW
Brazilian jiu-___ JITSU
Carlos in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame SANTANA
Celebratory dances JIGS
Cellist who performed at the Biden/Harris inauguration YOYOMA
Civil rights leader Medgar EVERS
Class for which trig is a prereq CALC
Classified cost? ADRATE
Climbed, as 1-Across WENTUP
Come to ___ GRIPS
Comedian Wong ALI
Connect with on social media, maybe FRIEND
Cosette, to Marius, in 'Les Misérables' AMIE
Cousin of Gomez Addams ITT
Crew vessel SCULL
Currant-flavored liqueur CASSIS
Designer Versace GIANNI
Driver of some engines STEAM
Dunderhead DUMMKOPF
Early online forum USENET
Eeyore's creator AAMILNE
Emotion felt con el corazón AMOR
End of Q1, on co. reports MAR
Ending with legal or Senegal ESE
English computer scientist who pioneered the breaking of ciphers generated by the 98-Across ALANTURING
Express momentary uncertainty over BLINKAT
Failed to maintain a poker face, perhaps SMILED
Figure the worth of ASSESS
Fission locales NUCLEI
Fitting APT
Flight path? STAIRS
Forthrightly asserts AVERS
French for 'fat' GRAS
Frequent victim of Calvin's pranks in 'Calvin and Hobbes' SUSIE
From long, long ago OFYORE
Genghis Khan, notably MONGOL
Go over, as a cold case REEXAMINE
Gradually slid (into) EASED
Have ___ for ITIN
Hello in São Paulo OLA
Herbert Hoover's middle name CLARK
Ho ___ Minh CHI
Honeydew relatives CASABAS
Hoover, for one DAM
How some popcorn is popped INOIL
Icon to click for more icons FOLDER
It's for paper shapers ORIGAMI
Its in French SES
Itsy-bitsy WEE
Laudatory works ODES
Lead-in to dermis EPI
Leaf producer NISSAN
Letters on a crucifix INRI
Like some insurance benefits SPOUSAL
Location of the Chair of St. Peter within St. Peter's Basilica APSE
Longtime media figure suspected of being the inspiration for 'The Devil Wears Prada' ANNAWINTOUR
Clues Answers
Love of soccer? NIL
Makes right ATONESFOR
Many a maid of honor SISTER
Memory part BYTE
Migration formation VEE
Modern prefix with health TELE
Mountain cover SKICAP
Moves from a table to a booth, say RESEATS
Na+, for one ION
Nose-dives PLUNGES
O'er and o'er OFT
Observed during SEENAT
One accepting the terms and conditions USER
One of 14 in a fist KNUCKLE
One way to segment demographic data BYSEX
One with an inside job SPY
Ones without owners STRAYS
Out in the sun too long, maybe MELTED
Out of juice DEAD
Pacific harbinger of wet West Coast weather ELNINO
Pain in the neck? GOITER
Part of a seat assignment ROW
Polar expedition attire ANORAK
Pre-deal payment ANTE
Prey for a lion GNU
Pulitzer Prize-winning W.W. II correspondent ERNIEPYLE
Pull out RENEGE
Radial patterns TREADS
Rat out TELLON
Ready to blow MAD
Rock subgenre associated with David Bowie and Elton John GLAM
Rubber-stamps OKS
Rude way to break up with someone INATEXT
Runs down, in a way SLANDERS
Santa ___ (desert winds) ANAS
Sci-fi character who was originally a puppet before C.G.I YODA
Send off EMIT
Set of clubs IRONS
Side in checkers RED
Sly plan SCHEME
Soapbox rant TIRADE
Some back-and-forths CHATS
Some quinceañera gift-givers TIAS
Some tiki bar orders MAITAIS
Some writing surfaces SLATES
Sort of encoded message found in this puzzle's grid [SEE NOTE] CRYPTOGRAM
Space-oriented engineering discipline, informally AERO
Startled squeal EEK
Takes seemingly forever DRAGS
They generate a lot of buzz HIVES
Thin porridges GRUELS
Tibia's place SHIN
Transports from Midway Airport to the Loop ELS
Troublesome engine sound CLUNK
Troublesome engine sounds PINGS
TV schedule info AIRTIME
W.W. II-era encoding device ENIGMAMACHINE
Wear for a Sufi scholar TURBAN
What '...' sometimes means ETC
What a 'Wheel of Fortune' contestant might buy when looking for _NSP_RAT_ON ANI
When you should be off, in brief ETD
Wilbur is one, in 'Charlotte's Web' RUNT
Word after party or date LINE
Worsen significantly DETERIORATE
___ Valley, Calif SIMI
___ Wearhouse (retail chain) MENS
___-Seltzer ALKA
___-service SELF