The Times - Specialist - Sunday Times GK Jumbo No 342

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Clues Answers
“Midnight! the outpost of advancing day! / The frontier town and ____ of night!” (Longfellow, Two Rivers) CITADEL
1984 American black comedy horror film in which a small furry creature is purchased as part of a Christmas present GREMLINS
A foot-race of just over 13 miles half-marathon
A general knowledge crossword setter may ____ the internet to find interesting facts about ordinary things TRAWL
A pattern using alternating squares of different colours chequerwork
A separate part of an attack or operation PRONG
A sports car driver may prefer to have a ____ bucket seat
A stream of northern England BECK
Active ingredient of the proprietary drug Advil IBUPROFEN
Actress widely known for her role as Buffy Summers Sarah Michelle Gellar
Alternatives to woodburners, not needing chimneys gas stoves
An Islamic jurist with the power to issue a fatwa MUFTI
Any of the annual awards bestowed by the American Theatre Wing (New York) TONY
Author Arthur ____ had a one-letter pseudonym Quiller-Couch
Bob Dylan song centred on a conversation between a joker and a thief All Along the Watchtower
Central American country in a state of civil war, 1960-96 GUATEMALA
Chrysotile is the main natural form of this incombustible material ASBESTOS
Description of trompe-l’oeil and op art illusionistic
Dick Emery character with the catchphrase “Ooh, you are awful, but I like you!” MANDY
French philosopher, seen as the father of sociology Auguste Comte
In a preoccupied manner ABSENTLY
In Star Wars, the forest moon of the Ewoks ENDOR
Informally, a British territory with a sheep on its flag FALKLANDS
Informally, an assertion that a situation is just fair's fair
Informally, lifts some wheels twocs
Clues Answers
James IV was the last British monarch to die in battle, at ____ Field in 1513 FLODDEN
Jane ____ played Marie Curie in a 1977 BBC miniseries and Edith Piaf in RSC productions of an autobiographical play lapotaire
Journalist whose career started with Melody Maker, and whose Twitter feed was included in a 2014 A-level English syllabus Caitlin Moran
Kellogg’s cereal of dried fruit and fibre-rich flakes Sultana Bran
Liz Truss meant to outlaw this form of street harassment CATCALL
Noël Coward play featuring clairvoyant Madame Arcati blithe spirit
North Sea oil storage facility occupied by Greenpeace in 1995, campaigning against Shell’s intention to sink it at sea Brent Spar
Only Greek letter with the same number of letters after it in the Greek alphabet as the letter with a very similar capital form has in the English alphabet CHI
Pub equipment to protect glasses and speed up drying drip mat
Ritual of North America’s Hopi Indians snake dance
Roman fortification built to repel the Scots and Picts Hadrian's Wall
Security agency headquartered at the Doughnut GCHQ
Slender and mostly bottom-dwelling marine fish EELPOUT
Someone like Casanova, Byron or Frank Harris skirt-chaser
The 1937 edition of the workshop manual ____’s Handbook has sections on soldering and brazing, riveting and boring bars MACHINERY
The former leader of ____ said its depiction in The Da Vinci Code was a chance to publicise its religious work Opus Dei
The Palace of Westminster’s tallest structure Victoria Tower
The Sea Road to ____ is a ferry service from Wemyss Bay to the main town of Bute ROTHESAY
The trade union led by Mick Lynch rmt
This predatory fish can be five feet long in European species PIKE
Unheated structure used to protect small plants cold frame
US term for a double one in dice games snake eyes
Welsh for “speckled”, part of the name of a fruit loaf brith
Words before a novel title in many film descriptions adapted from
____ up, accurately aligned TRUED