Universal - Oct 28 2022

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Clues Answers
"Coming of Age in Mississippi" author Moody ANNE
"I'm paying for this round!" ... or a literal interpretation of 16-, 23-, 49- and 59-Across DRINKSAREONME
"Is this worth the risk?" DAREI
"Raw" and "SmackDown" org WWE
"Royals" singer LORDE
"Sure" YEAH
"The Raven" poet POE
"While Justice Sleeps" author Stacey ABRAMS
Abed's pal on "Community" TROY
Acquired GOT
Arid DRY
Big name in tractors DEERE
Bit of ammo for Hawkeye ARROW
Brand of printer EPSON
Came across MET
Can't ___ the forest for the trees SEE
Cheerful MERRY
Cochlea site INNEREAR
Condition that might require a CPAP machine APNEA
Containers that might be stemmed WINEGLASSES
Crafty SLY
Documentarian Burns KEN
Dog food brand ALPO
Drooped, like a thirsty plant WILTED
Entered, like computer data KEYEDIN
Excessively TOO
Eye, slangily PEEPER
Feathery cleaner DUSTER
Field with remedial courses? MEDICINE
Follower of "Tyrannosaurus" or "Oedipus" REX
Game day tiebreakers: Abbr OTS
Godsends BOONS
Grant-era tax scandal WHISKEYRING
Great Lakes people ERIES
Green pasta sauce PESTO
Handled the check PAID
Have some food EAT
Clues Answers
Keg attachments BEERPUMPS
Kind of tide NEAP
Kitty or puppy's hand PAW
Left, on a map WEST
Like dolma and spanakopita GREEK
Like Lance Bass' name, given his vocal range APT
Like some drinks aged in barrels OAKY
Like Studio Ghibli films ANIMATED
Listening to Muzak, perhaps ONHOLD
Little Little? STUART
Luau garland LEI
M.D. holder DOC
Made less difficult EASED
Mass times acceleration FORCE
Media center? DEE
Not cool UNHIP
Not tricked by ONTO
Part of Spanish 101? UNO
Pasta sauce brand PREGO
Periodic table components ELEMENTS
Person who's hot on the trail, maybe? HIKER
Put coins into, like a meter FED
Region spanning much of Northeastern Europe VODKABELT
Sam who's set to direct "Blade" RAIMI
School support grp PTA
Scottish "no" NAE
Section of a song VERSE
Short path? RTE
Show with installations ARTEXPO
Sign of a sellout? SRO
Technician who deals with lighting equipment GRIP
Timid SHY
TV's warrior princess XENA
Wee bit TAD
Wile E. ___ COYOTE
___ brothers ("Avengers: Endgame" directors) RUSSO