USA Today - Dec 4 2022

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Clues Answers
'. . . approximately' ORSO
'Amen to that!' ILLSAY
'Disgusting!' GROSS
'Fight for You' singer HER
'Greatest Love of ___' (Whitney Houston song) ALL
'Ooh, nice!' COOL
'She crushed me' ILOST
'That'd be bad!' HOPENOT
'What a long week this was!' TGIF
'You're ___ friends here' AMONG
'___ we forget . . .' LEST
A mustache might tickle it NOSE
Adversary NEMESIS
Alley-___ OOP
Animal similar to a sea lion, but quieter SEAL
Batting cage protection NET
Bird closely related to the spoonbill IBIS
Bothered ATEAT
Bows out at the last minute BAILS
Brittany Murphy's character in 'Clueless' TAI
Campaign catchphrase SLOGAN
Campaign worker AIDE
Comedian Glazer ILANA
Cooks over a fire ROASTS
Country closest to Antarctica CHILE
Degree beyond an M.A PHD
Dish similar to pancit canton LOMEIN
Distribute ALLOT
Ditch surrounding a castle MOAT
Dumpster output ODOR
Excessive strictness RIGOR
Expressive music genre EMO
Finger-pointing activity BLAMEGAME
Florida's second-largest city MIAMI
Flower named after a drink TEAROSE
Freight weight unit TON
Friend, in French AMIE
Gaining an advantage GETTINGALEGUP
Goes out on the radio AIRS
Clues Answers
Horrify APPALL
Incite SPARK
Joint rotated during a golf swing HIP
Knitting material YARN
Milkweed seed holder POD
Mom's mom GRAN
Monte ___ CARLO
No longer here GONE
Object aimed at a bull's-eye DART
Org. with cryptographers NSA
Paid athletes PROS
Part of a mushroom STEM
Passing trend FAD
Place for a lamp DESK
Puts into play USES
Qipao, for example DRESS
Refuse to share HOG
Remaining vigilant STAYINGALERT
Rustic stopovers INNS
Salsa ingredient ONION
Session in which Bhujangasana might be taught YOGALESSON
Singles ONES
Sleeper's noise SNORE
Something to cram for TEST
Staircase fixtures RAILS
Story that stretches centuries SAGA
Surround HEMIN
Sweetheart BABE
Tax on imports TARIFF
Temporary state PHASE
Termite or ant, for example PEST
There are 354 or 355 in an Islamic calendar year DAYS
Top scores for divers TENS
Vessel for Blackbeard PIRATESHIP
What glaciers are made of ICE
Yak it up GAB
___ extensions LASH