New York Times - Oct 25 2022

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Clues Answers
'Need You Tonight' band, 1987 INXS
'___ but a scratch!' TIS
'___ dabba doo!' YABBA
Antipest spray RAID
Ballet dip PLIE
Battery end ANODE
Belief system CREED
Big name in electric toothbrushes SONICARE
Borden Dairy cow ELSIE
Business review site YELP
Casino buy-in ANTE
Chimichurri or hollandaise SAUCE
City in Normandy CAEN
Country between Thailand and Vietnam LAOS
Cuba, por ejemplo ISLA
Doze (off) NOD
Educational promos, in brief PSAS
Fellow, informally GENT
Fly past RACEBY
Fountain ___ PEN
Go over again, as plans REHASH
Green prefix ECO
Harden (to) INURE
Henna, e.g DYE
Heron varieties EGRETS
Holder of keys, phone and IDs PURSE
How breakfast cereal is usually packaged INABOX
Improves to meet a challenge ... or a hint to this puzzle's circled letters STEPSUPONESGAME
In progress AFOOT
Inner ear? COB
It's black on one side and white on the other, in Othello DISC
Jigsaw item PIECE
Key above Caps Lock TAB
Keydets' sch VMI
Lets the tears flow CRIES
Li'l slip OOPSIE
Lift on a ski slope TBAR
Clues Answers
Like a weedy garden, perhaps UNTENDED
Like some T-shirt graphics IRONON
Like some volleyballs and hair SPIKED
Line from 'Dick and Jane' readers SEESPOTRUN
Lisa with the 1994 #1 hit 'Stay (I Missed You)' LOEB
Loss leader? ELL
Luxury hotel chain OMNI
Mac maker APPLE
Magical writing, as in Dungeons & Dragons RUNE
Meeting, informally SESH
Meticulous to a fault ANAL
More 'ew'-inducing ICKIER
Not worth having, as an argument MOOT
Periods longer than eras EONS
Place to park LOT
Post-O.R. locale ICU
Practice swimming DOLAPS
Road gunk ... or, when doubled, tooth gunk TAR
Rock's ___ Fighters FOO
Scorch on a grill SEAR
Scratchy voice RASP
Snack item that might be twisted or dunked OREO
Soda can opener POPTAB
Stock launches, in brief IPOS
Stuck-up SNOBBY
T or F, e.g ANS
Takes responsibility for a mistake OWNSIT
Testimony under oath DEPOSITION
The fuzz POPO
They're hard to get out of RUTS
Things that thinkers think of IDEAS
Toledo minor-leaguer, named for a marsh bird MUDHEN
Trailhead displays MAPS
Try the patience of TEST
Wasn't well AILED
Wining and dining, say WOOING
Word before 51 or rug AREA
Word before firma or incognita TERRA
___ Culbertson, member of the contract bridge hall of fame ELY