New York Times - Oct 11 2022

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Clues Answers
'Me' problems EGOS
'Party in the ___' (Miley Cyrus hit) USA
'Quit ___ bellyachin'!' YER
'Really, though?' ISIT
*Considerable amount of money, in an idiom PRETTYPENNY
*One who's 'Hoppin' and a-boppin' and a-singin' his song,' in a 1958 hit ROCKINROBIN
*See 38-Across LILY
*Sincere intentions GOODFAITH
*With 39-Across, flower named for its distinctive shape STAR
2021 Pixar film set on the Italian Riviera LUCA
A ways away FAR
Artfully evasive COY
Badgers NAGS
Barrel at a brewery KEG
Burn slightly CHAR
Chucked forcefully, in modern lingo YEETED
Colorado ski resort ASPEN
Common shape for a toy bank PIG
Decides to join OPTSIN
Depict by drawing LIMN
Do one's part? ACT
Dressed (in) CLAD
Enemy FOE
Escape ___ (group activity) ROOM
Filming locations SETS
Foolish INANE
French loaf baked in a rectangular mold TERRINE
Garfield's canine buddy ODIE
Gave the green light OKAYED
Get using will power? INHERIT
Guesstimate words ORSO
Hazardous current RIPTIDE
Heretofore ASOFYET
Hill with the 1998 #1 hit 'Doo Wop (That Thing)' LAURYN
Him, in Paris LUI
How one might cower INFEAR
Clues Answers
Involve ENTAIL
It has all the answers KEY
Kara Zor-El's identity in DC Comics ... or a punny hint to the answers to the starred clues SUPERGIRL
Kind of fitness test for K-12 students PACER
Kind of gland that produces cortisol ADRENAL
King or Donkey follower KONG
Like the left brain, in pop psychology LOGICAL
Martial artist Bruce LEE
Matt of 'The Martian' DAMON
Mexico's national flower DAHLIA
Mild cigar CLARO
Minimal gesture of acknowledgment NOD
Miso, for one PASTE
Most student drivers TEENS
Org. sponsoring a school fund-raiser, perhaps PTA
Output from an eruption ASH
Possible score after deuce ADIN
Reason for overtime TIEGAME
Round of a track race HEAT
Russian refusals NYETS
Sandwich named for its ingredients BLT
Sender of unsolicited emails SPAMBOT
Slackens, as rain ABATES
Slowly enter, as a crowd might FILTERIN
Slurpy strands of food NOODLES
Smelter's material IRONORE
Some dog-powered transports SLEDS
Spinoff clothing store for children GAPKIDS
Swiss green CHARD
They're typically happy in fairy tales ENDINGS
Tolkien creature ENT
Vicinity AREA
Vietnamese dish containing 46-Down PHO
Went by horse or car RODE
What a dog's tail wag and bark might mean LETSPLAY
What gives a doc inside info? MRI
Word said twice before 'pants on fire' LIAR
Yoshi of Mario games is one, for short DINO