L.A. Times Daily - Oct 7 2022

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Clues Answers
"From Here to Eternity" Oscar winner SINATRA
"Incorrect!" FALSE
"Just Dance" game company UBISOFT
"Sex Education" actor Butterfield ASA
"Solutions and Other Problems" writer Brosh ALLIE
"Supergirl" actress Katie MCGRATH
"Teen Titans Go!" voice actress Strong TARA
"Welcome to Hawaii!" ALOHA
"__-daisy!" OOPSY
1996 also-ran BOBDOLE
Appt. book divisions HRS
Back up on the job? ABET
Bad start? DYS
Blast from a tugboat powered by spuds? TATERTOOT
Cavalry blade SABER
Comet's path ORBIT
Communication sys. at Gallaudet ASL
Concluded OVER
Cracker with seven holes RITZ
Delivery guess, briefly ETA
Equivocate HEDGE
Fantastic display of hustle? GREATSCOOT
Fiddler's supply ROSIN
Filming that takes place in a vault? BANKSHOOT
Footwear worn in a meatpacking plant? SPAMBOOTS
Grand properties ESTATES
Hi-fi setting MONO
Hitting stat RBIS
Horned herbivore RHINO
ICU staffer LPN
Industrious insect ANT
Kin of equi- ISO
Layer above bedrock SUBSOIL
Like lambs OVINE
Loch near the Moray Firth NESS
Losing color PALING
Clues Answers
Magazine copy ISSUE
Mil. officers LTS
Minor channel INLET
Much of a sunflower STEM
Negroni ingredient CAMPARI
Not for the hoi polloi ELITE
One expecting an RSVP HOST
One on conditional release PAROLEE
Oslo Accords participant ARAFAT
Pacific Coast Highway's route number ONE
Patches up, as a driveway TARS
Pathetic SAD
Peak southeast of Olympus OSSA
Pips and pits SEEDS
Printer cartridges INK
Quite small TEENY
Rapper Dr. __ DRE
Recreational walk STROLL
Reprobate LOWLIFE
Restaurant freebie ROLL
Revenue for the Witch Museum? SALEMSLOOT
Sensed, in a way SMELLED
Shapes formed by angled spotlights OVALS
Sign above a studio door ONAIR
Smithsonian artifact RELIC
Sports logo since 1972 SWOOSH
The MLB's __ Clemente Award ROBERTO
Time, in German ZEIT
Tribeca neighbor SOHO
Tries again RETESTS
Turned inside out EVERTED
U.K. lawmakers MPS
Unwrapped with excitement TOREAT
Wikipedia articles that need expanding STUBS
Wire holder SPOOL
Word with private or public EYE
__ Tuesday SHROVE