L.A. Times Daily - Oct 6 2022

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Clues Answers
"90 Day Fiancé" cable channel TLC
"Downton Abbey" title LORD
"Four Inhabitants of Mexico" painter KAHLO
43,560 square feet ACRE
Abbr. in some vineyard names STE
Accordion fold PLEAT
Actor Hawke ETHAN
Albumen container EGG
Announce STATE
Apprised (of) ABREAST
Argentine novelist Sabato ERNESTO
Biathlete's equipment RIFLE
Big name in rain gear TOTES
Blades on a small 12-Down, for short PROPS
Catch or latch follower ONTO
Catcher Rodríguez inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2017 IVAN
CGI birds in Liberty Mutual Insurance commercials EMUS
Crass RUDE
Credit report item DEBT
Few and far between SPARSE
Fill with freight LADE
Fuel for some grills GAS
Gather wool from SHEAR
Grandpa Walton, to Grandma Walton ZEB
Important BIG
Important stretches ERAS
Ingredient in many tropical cocktails RUM
Isabel Allende's "In the __ of Winter" MIDST
Like some auctions SILENT
Like some chins CLEFT
Little one TOT
Luxury furs SABLES
Make fuzzy BLUR
Mattress choice SERTA
Misses overseas: Abbr SRTAS
Clues Answers
NBC show that inspired "30 Rock," for short SNL
News article intro LEDE
Norwegian home of the Fram Museum OSLO
Opera virtuoso Beverly SILLS
Perimeter EDGE
Puerto __ RICO
Puff up SWELL
Put away EAT
Put in office ELECT
Question for an astrobiologist AREWEALONE
R&B's Boyz II __ MEN
Reptile with sticky toe pads GECKO
San Antonio team SPURS
See 9-Across PLANE
Site for a rite ALTAR
Sonnet line quintet IAMBS
Soybean paste MISO
Stack at Famous Footwear, and a hint to the sets of circled letters SHOEBOXES
Standard Oil brand ESSO
Tach stats RPMS
Tag sale reminder ASIS
Teachers' org NEA
Terminus END
Tiny stream RILL
Topic of a note home, perhaps TARDINESS
Tosses a monkey wrench into SABOTAGES
Total yawner SNOOZEFEST
Valentine trim LACE
Visibly embarrassed REDASABEET
Wanted poster letters AKA
Word with history or hygiene ORAL
Words said with a shrug IVENOIDEA
Work place DESK
__ classic CULT
__ Davis Institute on Gender in Media GEENA
__ française ALA