The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2238

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Clues Answers
A French congregation spread out UNFOLD
Amount owed concerning doctor at the back OVERDRAFT
Bar, with five couples, disheartened older male singer COUNTERTENOR
Bill interrupted by Greek character, one who writes abject verses POETASTER
Cheese and wine given to royal family red windsor
Classical goddess quiet during the radio broadcast APHRODITE
Esme dead slow, each time cutting half grassland tract MEADOW
Expand Caribbean retreat WIDEN
Finally, Manchester United recovered RALLIED
Heroin used regularly for a long time EON
Make fun of crude effigy GUY
One who applauds directors finding filmmaking equipment CLAPPERBOARD
Clues Answers
Oscar, a loud idiot OAF
People from Denmark, moving first to middle range of mountains ANDES
Present mounted and secured WON
Rain on outbuilding — dirty film seen after this? WATERSHED
Reformed individual to move into a lower gear change down
Religious building always full of books, European ABBEY
Some author describes crowd HORDE
Streak of light encountered upset small deer METEOR
Stroll accomplished covering miles AMBLE
Style of design poorly rated by company art deco
Unrefined rot mostly: that’s disgusting! ROUGH
Want expensive trough cleaned out DEARTH