Wall Street Journal - Oct 5 2022 - Holding Companies

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Clues Answers
“I ne’er saw true beauty till this night” speaker ROMEO
17th letter RHO
18th letters SIGMAS
23rd letter PSI
A pop PER
Abacus part BEAD
Academic institution, in Aussie slang UNI
Alternative to a saucer? CHINACOASTER
Archipelago unit ISLE
Audibly unpleasant HARSH
Bills quarterback Josh ALLEN
Bit of silly behavior ANTIC
Brand with Brownie Brick Road and Cookie Cobblestone varieties EDYS
Candy heart message HUGME
Capital within the Red River Delta HANOI
Character with pipes and horns PAN
Clutch component EGG
Colon, in an analogy ISTO
Commits a deadly sin LUSTS
Crumb bearer ANT
Diviners SEERS
Do something ACT
Due to be disciplined ONREPORT
Early task in a recipe for stuffed Vidalias? ONIONCORING
Easter events HUNTS
Engraving tool LASER
Fast-running bird EMU
Fit for a king REGAL
Foot of the Himalayans? PAW
Freight weight TON
French Open surface CLAY
Georgia Sports Hall of Fame site MACON
Get-up-and-go PEP
Get-up-and-go ENERGY
Group yelling “Work that brush!” and “Floss!”? TOOTHCOACHES
Hotel door posting RATES
Clues Answers
How Los Angeles is bigger than New York City INAREA
Iuppiter or Saturnus DEUS
Knockoff iPads? APPLECOPIES
Largest city in the Baltic States RIGA
LAX monitors TSA
List-ending abbr ETC
Longing URGE
Makeup of New Jersey’s Palisades BASALT
Mandible or maxilla BONE
Med. sch. course ANAT
New lease on life FRESHSTART
Notting Hill native LONDONER
One might be knitted BROW
Org. that investigates telemarketing fraud FTC
Overthrow, e.g ERR
Performer with no lines MIME
Person with a mortarboard MASON
Pet store sound CHEEP
Pound portion OUNCE
Puts a lid on SHUTS
Sch. support group PTA
Severe spasm THROE
Sign of age WEAR
Sister’s outfit HABIT
Sportscast topic TRADE
Spouse who refuses to witness the delivery? MATERNITYCOWARD
Spring LEAP
Stat for a DH RBI
Stellar stalker LEO
Surrounded by AMID
Take the plunge WED
Target Field team TWINS
Third-col. heading TUE
Tic-toe go-between TAC
Top suit CEO
Woes on toes CORNS
Worker’s post-vacation busyness CATCHINGUP