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Clues Answers
"Angel" singer Yoko ONO
"Bad Guy" singer Billie EILISH
"Come" and "go," e.g VERBS
"Get the lead out!" CMON
"Get the lead out!" STEPITUP
"Halt!," at sea AVAST
"I knew it!" HAH
"No way!" ITCANTBE
"Power" rapper ICET
"The Thinning" actress — Marie Johnson LIA
"Ya get it?" CAPISCE
Actor's signal CUE
Actress Arden EVE
Adhesive-roll containers TAPEDISPENSERS
Amtrak train ACELA
Arizona tribe HOPI
Asteroid belt's largest body CERES
Baseballer with a record 4,256 hits PETEROSE
Be next to ABUT
Being staked ATRISK
Biblical book after Micah NAHUM
Big name in lawn products ORTHO
Bill blocker VETO
Bit of body art, informally TAT
Bit of history ERA
BLT spread MAYO
Boating tool OAR
Boise-to-Fargo dir ENE
Boxer Michael MOORER
Boxer Mike TYSON
British school since 1440 ETON
Burglarize ROB
Cello cousin VIOLA
Choir voice ALTO
Chubby PLUMP
City near Orlando OCALA
Clear kitchen wrap SARAN
Close enough to get INREACH
Co. big shot CEO
Concerning INRE
Confront MEET
Confronted FACED
Confronts TAKESON
Day play, say MATINEE
Day- — paint GLO
Deer cousins ELKS
Devitalize SAP
District outside a city SUBURB
Does improv ADLIBS
Draw off via a tube SIPHON
Edible fungus whose cap has not yet opened BUTTONMUSHROOM
Egg-shaped OVATE
Egypt's — High Dam ASWAN
Eleanor of kiddie lit ESTES
Erwin of early films STU
Eye, to poets ORB
Eyelike openings OCULI
Flaky dessert PIE
Forearm bone ULNA
Forest, brush or desert BIOME
French painter Camille COROT
General — chicken TSOS
Gigi's "yes" OUI
Giving a thrill ELATING
Golf target PAR
Hoagie shop DELI
Inclined (to) APT
Inoculation creation NEEDLEPUNCTURE
Instant lawn SOD
Intl. oil group OPEC
Jazz chord NINTH
Jesting sort JOKER
Clues Answers
Kimono sash OBI
Larger — life THAN
Lavish party FETE
Lectures aided by blackboards CHALKTALKS
Light musical work for the stage OPERETTA
Like some strict Amish OLDORDER
London art gallery TATE
Lug along TOTE
Lung or heart ORGAN
Make pulp of MASH
Makes evident EVINCES
Manicotti cheese RICOTTA
Many groaners PUNS
Medicine amount DOSE
Mine metal ORE
Moray, e.g EEL
Nagging pain ACHE
Nine featured items in this puzzle may be found in these SEWINGKITS
Noted coach Parseghian ARA
Novelist Bret Easton — ELLIS
Ohio city or college OBERLIN
Oklahoma tribe OTOE
Omani, e.g ARAB
Oppositionist ANTI
Original name of the comic strip "Popeye" THIMBLETHEATRE
Part of a cylinder lock preventing motion PINTUMBLER
Part of mph HOUR
PBS' "Science Kid" SID
PC peripheral MODEM
Pen fluids INKS
Penny, e.g COIN
Playthings TOYS
Pop rocker Turner TINA
Posting of off-topic replies on an internet forum THREADHIJACK
Pothole filler TAR
Pulsate BEAT
Really hated DETESTED
Really, really OHSO
Relative of largo LENTO
Reverberate ECHO
Revered one ICON
Rock guitarist Richards KEITH
San Diego baseballer PADRE
Scientology's — Hubbard LRON
See 80-Across ESSAY
Siblings' daughters NIECES
Simple chord TRIAD
Skillets, e.g PANS
Spain's Hernando de — SOTO
Sporty car roof option TTOP
Stray-rescuing gp SPCA
Stridex target ACNE
Study of light OPTICS
Sunday paper extra INSERT
Tell everything BAREALL
That, to Lucia ESA
Tooth flossing, e.g ORALCARE
Twosome COUPLE
Wearable gift shop item TSHIRT
Went hogwild RANRIOT
With 84-Across, think piece in a newspaper OPED
Women's shoe parts that are wide at the top and bottom and narrower in the middle SPOOLHEELS
Work in verse POEM
Working stiff PEON
Wrestler's leg lock SCISSORSHOLD
— -mo replay SLO
— Dhabi ABU
— diagram (logic image) VENN
— Taco (frozen treat) CHOCO