L.A. Times Daily - Oct 4 2022

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Clues Answers
"For real!" IMEANIT
"__ Mia! Here We Go Again" MAMMA
*Bright yellow sandwich topping BANANAPEPPER
*Citrusy herb in Thai cuisine LEMONBASIL
*Marinara ingredient PLUMTOMATO
57-Across spray MIST
Actress Greta GARBO
Actress Olin LENA
Actress Petty LORI
Analogy punctuation COLON
As soon as ONCE
Bad sound in the 57-Across SPLAT
Blues guitarist Baker ETTA
British singer Rita ORA
Broadway opening? ACTONE
Choir part ALTO
Cohort CADRE
Colorful play area BALLPIT
Concludes ENDS
Confidentiality contracts: Abbr NDAS
Costa __ RICA
Depart LEAVE
Exceptional performance TOURDEFORCE
Explorer in "The Lost City of Gold" DORA
Fastened, in a way LATCHED
French friend AMIE
Ga. capital ATL
Goat group HERD
Great Plains people ARAPAHO
Greek goddess of marriage HERA
Greek letter before upsilon TAU
Group of two DYAD
Hacker's triumphant cry IMIN
Hammer or saw TOOL
Harvest REAP
Hostess snack HOHO
Inclined (to) PRONE
Longtime Swit co-star ALDA
Clues Answers
Low sound? MOO
Messes up ERRS
Milk in a skinny latte SKIM
Minnesota representative Ilhan OMAR
More than sufficient AMPLE
Named, briefly IDED
New Zealand native MAORI
Noises of exasperation OYS
Opera solo ARIA
Opera star DIVA
Pixar clownfish NEMO
Prefix with faith INTER
Public health org. headed by Rochelle Walensky CDC
Punk subgenre EMO
Quick qualifier IMO
Quran authority IMAM
Ready to go ALLSET
Require NEED
Short-legged Welsh dog breed CORGI
Smack SLAP
Smoked salmon LOX
Sunscreen letters SPF
Supermarket section containing each component of (as well as the complete answers to) the starred clues PRODUCEAISLE
Sweet potato kin YAM
Throwback diet PALEO
Time away, informally VACAY
Time period ERA
Top stripe of a pride flag RED
Underwater ecosystems KELPFORESTS
Wanders in an airport? TSA
Wary (of) LEERY
Watch covertly SPYON
WNBA team in 53-Across DREAM
Word before tea and toast TEXAS
Yesteryear YORE
Zest alternative IVORY
__ Canalway Trail: 365-mile stretch in New York ERIE
__ the roof RAISE