Wall Street Journal - Oct 3 2022 - Inside Joke

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Clues Answers
“Fresh Air” network NPR
“If all ___ fails...” ELSE
“Jo’s Boys” writer ALCOTT
“Seems good enough” ITLLDO
“Vive ___!” (cheer for Louis XIV) LEROI
“Would ___ to you?” ILIE
“___ My Heart” (1913 song) PEGO
2006 Winter Games city, to natives TORINO
Apple product SEED
Argentina neighbor CHILE
Audience approval APPLAUSE
Bangkok native THAI
Beanies and berets CAPS
Biennial sporting event since 1968 SPECIALOLYMPICS
Bills featuring Hamilton’s portrait TENS
Blinds segment SLAT
Boston orchestra POPS
Bullfight cheers OLES
Cafe concoction LATTE
Candies in many Easter baskets PEEPS
Constellation with a belt ORION
Convention center event EXPO
Cubes in a cooler ICE
Cubic meters KILOLITERS
Door securer BOLT
Drug cop, informally NARCO
Easy targets SAPS
Father of Methuselah ENOCH
Film director’s cry CUT
Free TV spot, for short PSA
Fury IRE
Gives off EMITS
Golden rule preposition UNTO
Hair clip BARRETTE
Have the high score in a golf tournament LOSE
Hawthorne of “The Madness of King George” NIGEL
Heavy metal’s Mötley ___ CRUE
Horse-drawn carriage sound CLOPCLOP
Its first is for fools APRIL
Clues Answers
Lotion ingredient ALOE
Mex. miss SRTA
More, in Madrid MAS
Not yet scheduled: Abbr TBA
On the ___ (fleeing) LAM
On this spot HERE
One of 10 inflicted on Egypt in Exodus PLAGUE
Org. that Finland and Sweden petitioned to join in 2022 NATO
Pork serving CHOP
Power dining spot inside the Beverly Hills Hotel POLOLOUNGE
Pre-Beatles song by John Lennon HELLOLITTLEGIRL
Pub purchase PINT
Put together GROUP
Remove the fuse from, as a bomb DISARM
Rental contract LEASE
Restaurant bill TAB
Ring-shaped reef ATOLL
Roofed patio LANAI
Scent ODOR
Skater’s spinning jump AXEL
Slanting type: Abbr ITAL
Space-saving abbr. in bibliographies ETAL
Spasms TICS
Square of butter PAT
Steep-sided plateau MESA
Stylish CHIC
Sub station? DELI
Text tee-hee found in 17-, 30-, 48- and 62-Across LOL
The Chicks or Lady A, e.g TRIO
Tiny bit SPECK
Toledo’s lake ERIE
Touch base with the office, say CALLIN
Train travel RAIL
Twice penta- DECA
Waits for a better offer, say HOLDSOUT
Walk-___ (small roles) ONS
Word on a triangular road sign YIELD
___ Angeles LOS