Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 17 2022

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Clues Answers
"Get Smart" evil agency KAOS
"Gosh!" GEE
"Odyssey" hero ULYSSES
"Westworld" airer HBO
"— you for real?" ARE
Adolescent TEEN
Agent REP
Beer ingredient MALT
Big bash GALA
Calendar abbr OCT
Carte lead-in ALA
Chantilly, e.g LACE
College URL ender EDU
Conditions IFS
Crony PAL
Culpable GUILTY
Doctor's order LABTEST
Dutch bloom TULIP
Exam constraint TIMELIMIT
Group of five PENTAD
Highland hat TAM
Hockey surface ICE
Humorist WIT
Indian coin RUPEE
January, to Juana ENERO
Label TAG
Lily pad traveler FROG
Lounge LOLL
Lump of sugar CUBE
Make a face MUG
Matty of baseball ALOU
Clues Answers
Mesas' cousins BUTTES
Mystery writers' awards EDGARS
Note after fa SOL
Oaxaca water AGUA
Rail BAR
Red braking signal TAILLIGHT
Roman 1002 MII
Sch. founded by Jefferson UVA
Sea predator ORCA
Sediment LEES
Serengeti grazer ELAND
Short coat REEFER
Show off FLAUNT
Sleeve type RAGLAN
Some photo finishes MATTES
Soup cooker POT
Spider's creation WEB
Spoken ORAL
Squealer RAT
Starbucks order TALLLATTE
Stead LIEU
Subway entrance STILE
Thanksgiving dinner choice TURKEYLEG
Tool set KIT
Top invitees ALIST
Wall climber IVY
Workout site GYM
Writer Tarbell IDA
Youngster TOT
— chi TAI
— Maria (coffee liqueur) TIA