New York Times - Dec 3 2001

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Clues Answers
'... ___ I'm told' ORSO
'I'm not kidding!' NOJOKE
'If all ___ fails ...' ELSE
'Masterpiece Theatre' airer PBS
'Say it ain't so!' OHNO
'The Ten Commandments,' for one EPIC
'Whew!' BOY
'Yeah, ___!' YOU
Agreed silently NODDED
Alias for H. H. Munro SAKI
All-purpose trucks UTES
Arctic jacket ANORAK
B. & O. and others RRS
Barely makes, with 'out' EKES
Basic PC program MSDOS
Be a boozer TIPPLE
Bill at the bar TAB
Broadway star Verdon GWEN
Bullring bull TORO
Bunch GOB
Capitol Hill figure POL
CB, for one RADIO
Chest muscle PEC
Chew for Bossy CUD
Cigarette lighter fill BUTANE
Clear, to a photographer INFOCUS
Cloak-and-dagger org. CIA
Club with a floor show CABARET
Completely relaxed LOOSEASAGOOSE
Completely self-satisfied PROUDASAPEACOCK
Cook in the microwave NUKE
Cream puff MILKSOP
Directory listings NAMES
Exhausts USESUP
Fraternal org. BPOE
Grand ___ Opry OLE
Grasp GET
Grasped HELD
Clues Answers
Greek vowels ETAS
Hankers (for) YEARNS
He earns his pay at Shea MET
Hit on the head BOP
Involuntary twitch SPASM
Itsy-bitsy bits SPECKS
Job that's not a chore LABOROFLOVE
Letters starting a ship's name USS
Mom-and-pop org. PTA
N.Y.C. hrs. EST
Neat's opposite MESSY
New Mexico art community TAOS
Ninny ASS
One of the Baldwins ALEC
Park place? GARAGE
Part of a fist KNUCKLE
Pasted in the ring KOD
Piece of turf SOD
Pint-sized PUNY
Place for a nap COT
Poetic paean ODE
Popular cocktail WHISKEYSOUR
Prefix with medic PARA
Puts up with BEARS
Realty measure ACRE
Response to an insult SLAP
Restrooms, informally LAVS
Rich dude FATCAT
Sign up ENROLL
Slanted type: Abbr. ITAL
Sneeze syllable CHOO
Taxpayer's ID SSN
Tempest in a teapot FUSS
Thumbs-up response AOK
Word before 'beware!' BUYER
___ the crack of dawn UPAT