The Times - Cryptic - Times Cryptic No 28403

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Clues Answers
A ruse to inspire, if unhealthily? WHEEZE
After month, gold found somewhere in Alaska JUNEAU
Aromatic plant: partner to pop one in cold beer! CAMOMILE
Bones smell, with heat rising HUMERI
Briefly release both hands to grasp a model EXEMPLAR
Certain such things will be passed on! UNANSWERABLE
Champion getting gold after racket challenge’s final cancelled CONQUEROR
Dated pupil, once only, note OBSOLETE
Directed supporting cast — and saw the funny side? CHUCKLED
Eat out — and manage well have a way with
Explain how to be favoured candidate on ballot? get across
Fellow from Riga, maybe, kind of blue COBALT
Floor or platform for speaker STUMP
For instance had penetrating light? LASED
Clues Answers
How steeplejack might be paid to sweat? PERSPIRE
Lay in awfully risqué ladieswear on vacation SQUIRREL
Life magazine holds competition, with article, to compose hymn amazing grace
Mawkish, one very quietly having stopped being the opposite? DRIPPY
Nap spread out, becoming smoother SANDPAPER
Ordered ale for worker only rarely? LOAFER
Permissive conditions faze Israelis laissez-faire
Sinister influence of seconds, see, on English boxer SVENGALI
Such a highly-rated company unhappy with small imperfection blue-chip
Take letters for reading out in court use up
Timid chap taking extra small dessert MOUSSE
Tree cracking up under the surface MACADAMIA
Uniform’s for the Girl Guides USHERS
Vineyard with can it’s used for fruit pulp CRUSH