The Telegraph - TOUGHIE CROSSWORD NO: 2,926 - Sep 21 2022

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Clues Answers
A social climber raised one plant BONSAI
Aesthetic movement offering role outside work POPART
Amazed to see fat gets beard messy FLABBERGASTED
Bond keeps one for exercise WIELD
Decision put off people crossing major route DETERMINATION
Deplore Lithuania's housing? So be it! LAMENT
Escort drug dealers before stripping USHER
Exploit first appearance on river ADVENTURE
Fine for the French keeping our island landmark BIGBEN
Flexibility means going after fish from the east LEEWAY
Following article by Vogue to some degree, but not very well AFTERAFASHION
Free link needing it to be raised UNTIE
Implant educated European doctor introduces EMBED
Looking at following orders without objection EYING
Nasty smell clears up before church STENCH
Clues Answers
Parliament vacated after scream in vault CRYPT
Peeled onion can produce such a welcome HALLO
Rock up half-heartedly for a joint ELBOW
Sack Republican and 'regular Joe' voter ultimately leaving RAVAGE
Sailing ship may have this power source and energy in the supply MAINSHEET
Sale being in two parts is of no consequence SMALLBEER
Screen enthusiast taking in, perhaps, Douglas's The Game BLINDMANSBUFF
Share national boxing stadium ARENA
Some, for a start, dreaded disciple RASTA
Song on popular set INLAY
Staff supporting strike is a killer HITMAN
Suggestion from good master of ceremonies GHOST
The man will be a pain about English growth HELLEBORE
Watch out for broadcast as such waters may be dangerous MINED
What about time in charge of moral code? ETHIC