New York Times - Sep 21 2022

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Clues Answers
'Like that'd ever happen' ASIF
'Metamorphosis' poet OVID
'No ____, Bob!' PROB
'Oh, stop it, fellas' YOUGUYS
'Thus ...' ANDSO
A cappella part, say ALTO
Abuela's grandchild NIETO
AC/DC album after 'Highway to Hell' BACKINBLACK
Accept defeat, informally ... or what the last words of 19-, 24- and 49-Across do vis-à-vis the first TAKEANL
Actress Watson EMMA
Adjudicate TRY
Ante up for participation PAYTOPLAY
App with an envelope logo GMAIL
Apple desktops IMACS
Apple picker? EVE
Bantu language with click consonants XHOSA
Bench press muscles, informally PECS
Big sound producers of the 1980s BOOMBOXES
Bryce Canyon's state UTAH
Cancel AXE
Cause for much boasting EGO
Channel for politics CSPAN
Chimney components FLUES
City that's home to the Taj Mahal AGRA
Complain MOAN
Copy APE
Debris left by a phoenix ASH
Disease research org NIH
Early Jurassic, e.g EPOCH
Emotional inhibitions HANGUPS
Entertain AMUSE
Fashion line HEM
Feathery accessories BOAS
Hypes (up) PEPS
Improvises during a jazz performance SCATS
Innate response to a threatening situation FIGHTORFLIGHT
Clues Answers
Jaunty words upon departing IMOFF
Kosher : Judaism :: ___ : Islam HALAL
Legal org ABA
Like blue lobsters RARE
Like some stuffed toys PLUSH
Lofty features of many nice hotels ATRIA
Mardi Gras king REX
Migratory seabird TERN
Musician Anderson .___ PAAK
Noir's counterpart in a game of les échecs BLANC
Nosh on EAT
Odom's 'Hamilton' role BURR
Ones providing cheep trills? PARAKEETS
Part of a neural connection AXON
Patronize a tattoo parlor INKUP
Potato-and-pea pastry SAMOSA
River with a mythical ferryman STYX
Roll call call HERE
Rollerballs, e.g PENS
Ship's front PROW
Some races HEATS
Some races SPRINTS
Soviet satellite launched in 1957 SPUTNIK
Sucker PATSY
Super-vision? XRAY
Sworn statements OATHS
The '-spel' of 'gospel,' etymologically NEWS
The 'P' of P.B.R PABST
They take advantage USERS
Tree pose discipline YOGA
Two in a row? OARS
Up there HIGH
Verb that sounds like its second letter ARE
Waterproof sealant CAULK
Whence subway air GRATE
Word with safe or same SEX
Worst possible soccer score NIL
Wrench or gouge TOOL