Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate - Oct 6 2022

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Clues Answers
"Kapow!" BAM
"Taps" instrument BUGLE
$ dispensers ATMS
'70s club DISCO
Aachen article DER
Ancient mariner NOAH
Baseball's Hodges GIL
Blind part SLAT
Body powder TALC
Born NEE
Calico's call MEOW
Canonized Fr. women STES
Carousel, for one RIDE
Civil rights org NAACP
Cleaning cloth RAG
Cockeyed ASKEW
Coloring agent DYE
Concept IDEA
Concocted DEVISED
Dol. fractions CTS
Droop SAG
Enjoy Vail SKI
Eventful periods ERAS
Eye furtively SNEAKAPEEK
Fair-hiring org EEOC
Fez, e.g HAT
Fine, at NASA AOK
Fruity desserts CRISPS
German car name AUDI
Grand stories EPICS
Half of dos UNO
Hawaiian island MOLOKAI
Clues Answers
Idyllic place EDEN
Ink smudge BLOT
IRS employee CPA
Librarian's advice READ
Low-carb diet KETO
Middling grade CEE
Moreover AND
Moves more goods than OUTSELLS
Paris school ECOLE
Plant firmly EMBED
Popeye's Olive OYL
Pretzel seasoning SALT
Pundit's piece OPED
Relaxing refuges SPAS
School fundraiser BAKESALE
Shelter LEE
Singer DiFranco ANI
Skimpy suits BIKINIS
Spiced tea CHAI
That chap's HIS
Time with a therapist SESSION
Tolkien villains ORCS
TV ratings period SWEEPSWEEK
USN bigwig ADM
Utah city OREM
Wedding words IDO
Yuletide tune NOEL