Universal - Sep 20 2022

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Clues Answers
"As if!" NOT
"Sounds good to me!" IMIN
Aardvarks' foods ANTS
Academic session TERM
Advil target ACHE
Airline in "Catch Me If You Can" PANAM
Alter in Photoshop, say EDIT
Anger or envy SIN
Antipollution org EPA
Bring up, as a child REAR
Broad valley DALE
Call at first SAFE
Can't stand HATE
Casual shoes, casually SNEAKS
Chillax VEG
Choice of actions in online dating? SWIPEEPIWS
Choice of countries on an East Asian peninsula? KOREAAEROK
Choice of hip-hop styles named for U.S. regions? COASTTSAOC
Choice of locations for a New Yorker? STATEETATS
Climate activist Brockovich ERIN
Coll. major for some aspiring actuaries ECON
Colored eye part IRIS
Commit petty theft PILFER
Conjunction pair ANDOR
Contribute to the pot ADDIN
Couric who guest-hosted "Jeopardy!" in 2021 KATIE
Current fashions TRENDS
Disparaging comment SLUR
Eminent NOTED
Feelers? EMPATHS
Fish used for a steak TUNA
Flabbergast ASTONISH
Fly high SOAR
Followed as a consequence RESULTED
Frankenstein's film flunky IGOR
Freezes up ICESOVER
Gets into, as clothes DONS
Clues Answers
Ginger cookies SNAPS
Golfer's alternative to a wood IRON
Huge concert site ARENA
Insertion symbol CARET
Like unprocessed data RAW
Lobster's pincer CLAW
Made a cut in wood SAWED
Many ruled from Russia's Winter Palace TSARS
Med. drama sites ERS
More rough COARSER
Napoleon's exile isle ELBA
Navigator's need MAP
New Mexico Pueblo TAOS
Nickname for tennis great Nadal RAFA
Part of a traffic jam CAR
Peers in a house? LORDS
Peter, Paul or Mary SAINT
Provides funds for ENDOWS
Puts in stitches SEWS
Quarterback's syllables HUTS
Rascal KNAVE
Religious divisions SECTS
Rip apart REND
Sanctioned OKED
See 15-Across STICK
Semiaquatic salamander NEWT
Small bay COVE
Song or dance ARTFORM
Succeed big-time GOFAR
That object's ITS
They join top and bottom sheets STAPLERS
Thin Japanese noodle SOBA
What Jack Sprat could eat NOFAT
Window frame SASH
With 46-Down, toy to bounce on POGO
Words of understanding ISEE
Young goat KID
___ B. Wells (inspiration for a 2022 Barbie) IDA