L.A. Times Daily - Sep 20 2022

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Clues Answers
"Is that __?": "Are you declining?" ANO
"Spit it out!" TELLMEALREADY
"Take me __" ASIAM
"That hits the spot!" AHH
"That's not good!" OHNO
"The Incredibles" family name PARR
"Top Gun" nickname MAV
"Your Majesty" SIRE
Acct. balance, e.g AMT
Afore ERE
Assembly-required boxful KIT
Beef and pork MEATS
Bilbo Baggins' age at the start of "The Lord of the Rings" ELEVENTYONE
Breakfast chain with bottomless stacks IHOP
Cartoon shriek EEK
Challenging H.S. science class APBIO
Cheese, beans, guacamole, sour cream, etc NACHOTOPPINGS
Chef's meas TSP
City in northern Illinois DEKALB
Clean air org EPA
Clock-setting std GMT
Creamy chocolate dessert MOUSSE
Divides equally BISECTS
Domesticated TAME
Early Mesoamerican OLMEC
Egyptian fertility goddess ISIS
Free (of) RID
Gnatlike insect MIDGE
Hosp. stop before surgery PREOP
IM pioneer AOL
Incoming flight stat ETA
Indent key TAB
Jewish festival when the Book of Esther is read PURIM
Journalist Rather DAN
Jumped LEAPT
Junk bond rating CCC
Clues Answers
Kidnapper's demand RANSOM
Lead-in to gender CIS
Linney of "Ozark" LAURA
Make late DELAY
Milky white gem OPAL
Musical "Jeopardy!" category that's tough for many contestants OPERA
Norway's capital OSLO
Of a forearm bone ULNAR
Pack animal ASS
Panda's diet BAMBOO
Peak in Greek myth MTIDA
Pedicure targets TOES
Pollo __: grilled chicken dish ASADO
Poolside structures CABANAS
Portland's st ORE
Potato spot EYE
Prepares for a recipe, as onions CHOPS
Puny pencil STUB
Rower's blade OAR
School URL ending EDU
Scottish hillside BRAE
Sheltered, at sea ALEE
Showers someone with money? MAKESITRAIN
Sidelong glances SLYLOOKS
Skin spot that may be darkened by sunlight FRECKLE
Small landmass ISLE
Snorkeler's destination REEF
Supermodel Heidi KLUM
Swampy area MARSH
Tic-__-toe TAC
Undivided ONE
Use when there are no better options, say RESORTTO
Voter's crossover ballot, and what can literally be found in the circled letters SPLITTICKET
__ Domingo: Caribbean capital SANTO
__ Grande RIO
__ one's time: be patient BIDE
__-com: date movie, maybe ROM