L.A. Times Daily - Sep 16 2022

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Clues Answers
"At your leisure!" ITSNORUSH
"Feel What U Feel" Grammy winner Lisa LOEB
"Groovy!" NEATO
"Make tracks!" SCAT
"No cellphones at dinner," say RULE
"Star Wars" critter who lives on Endor EWOK
"Sure, no __!" PROB
"That's all __ wrote" SHE
"The Handmaid's Tale" Emmy winner MOSS
"Your point being ... ?" AND
Abhor HATE
Address SPEECH
Agreement PACT
Ankle bones TARSUS
At a breaking point, maybe TAUT
Awards night gathering OSCARPARTY
Bar bowlful BEERNUTS
Belief TENET
Big advance LEAP
Big name in cosmetics ESTEE
Bringing up the rear DEADLAST
Cash drawer TILL
Colorful ecosystem REEF
Common bugs COLDS
Coped (with) DEALT
Corp. head CEO
Cuisine with green curry THAI
Drink that may be brown, blonde, or red ALE
Eat inelegantly SLURP
Egg salad herb DILL
Eggs in a chirashi bowl ROE
Enthusiastic AVID
Enticing ad words, literally? REBATEFREE
Fabric measures YARDS
Fantasy league no STAT
Feels crummy AILS
Clues Answers
Fizzy ingredient in a Creamsicle float ORANGESODA
Helped AIDED
Hose shade NUDE
House of Lords figure EARL
Like falling dominoes, literally? THEOTHERONE
Like some emphasized text: Abbr ITAL
Low-risk IRA components CDS
Make tracks SKEDADDLE
Many "NFL Live" highlights TDS
More wicked BASER
Note to a spy, literally? READINGBURN
Option word ELSE
Palm fruit DATE
Part of many a lunch special SOUP
Pernicious EVIL
Planetarium roof DOME
Pound sounds YIPS
Provide new equipment for REFIT
Short on flavor BLAND
Singer Dorough who co-founded the Backstreet Boys HOWIE
Sister who sings "Into the Unknown" in "Frozen II" ELSA
Some Minecraft blocks ORE
Sonicare rival ORALB
Spread messily SMEAR
Stare angrily GLARE
Start to commute? TELE
Stereotypical pirate feature PEGLEG
Taj Mahal city AGRA
Teacher's request, literally? CLASSSEEME
The old you? THOU
Ward of "Gone Girl" SELA
Way up the slope TBAR
Weird sensation before some migraines AURA
__ carpet SHAG
__-bitty ITTY