L.A. Times Daily - Sep 15 2022

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Clues Answers
"Argo" or "Fargo" MOVIE
"Downton Abbey" staffer MAID
"Ghost World" star Birch THORA
"Hard pass" NOPE
"In what way?" HOW
"May I speak?" AHEM
"Peacemaker" star John CENA
"Star Wars" heroine mentored by Luke REY
"This wasn't my game" ILOST
"__-daisy!" OOPSY
ABC show for early risers, briefly GMA
Acerbic remark BARB
Adds at the last minute TACKSON
Alliance headed by Jens Stoltenberg: Abbr NATO
Assembled MET
Black key above C DFLAT
Blots gently DABS
Buck who was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame in 2022 ONEIL
Coming apart at the seams? FRAYING
Condé __ NAST
Cunning maneuver PLOY
Early anesthetic ETHER
Early pt. of a week TUES
Faris of "Mom" ANNA
Fur tycoon for whom a northwest Oregon city was named ASTOR
Gateway Arch city, for short STL
Gender-neutral pronoun THEY
Gently towel off PATDRY
In __ of LIEU
Info in a bank DATA
Inner turmoil ANGST
Clues Answers
Insignificant amount IOTA
Jazz style SCAT
KGB country USSR
Lewd material SMUT
Like some traditions ORAL
Loving murmurs COOS
Luncheon end? ETTE
Minor flaws FOIBLES
Mowing the lawn, e.g CHORE
Nae sayer SCOT
Nay sayer ANTI
Nike rival REEBOK
Numbskull DOLT
Old Testament twin ESAU
Once, once upon a time ERST
One who's done for GONER
Other, in Spanish OTRO
Phillipa who was the original Eliza in "Hamilton" SOO
Place with numbered gates AIRPORT
Prefix with gram or graph EPI
Quaint word of dismay ALAS
Related groups SETS
River float RAFT
River that forms the Michigan-Ontario border STMARYS
Safe havens ASYLA
Significant video game foe BOSS
Stew (over) FRET
Stooge chuckle NYUK
Stretch in office TERM
Stuck in __ ARUT
Subject that may come up in a frank discussion? BUNS
Takes too much for oneself HOGS
Tied up EVEN
Welcome GREET
Where the Wings meet the Sky? ARENA
__ al-Fitr EID