Wall Street Journal - Sep 15 2022 - Plight

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Clues Answers
“Deireadh an Tuath” singer ENYA
“Honey, Honey” group ABBA
“The ___ Us” (1994 Russell Crowe film) SUMOF
“___ luck!” LOTSA
Accept, as a loss EAT
Accomplished ABLE
Autumnal color RED
Autumnal color RUST
Bars in a score RESTS
Bauhaus artist KLEE
Belle’s partner BEAU
Bookie’s worry RAID
Caretaker who will never be replaced? LASTSUPER
Coffee on a hillside? SLOPYJOE
Collar NAB
Connecticut Ivy YALE
Copying ALA
Crazy about optimism? HOPINGMAD
Critical KEY
Crunch focus ABS
Cry for Statler and Waldorf BOO
Delicate shade PASTEL
Discombobulate ADDLE
Drives out EXILES
Earth colours OCHRES
Echo, e.g NYMPH
Emeril’s catchword BAM
Engaged in forensics ARGUED
Express SAY
Fashion designer Saab ELIE
Fix a lot, maybe REPAVE
Flax capsule BOLL
Following INTOW
Gadget, e.g INSPECTOR
Game catcher SNARE
Get into the pool BET
Gets on without a hit WALKS
High-pH stuff LYE
Hold in high regard VALUE
Clues Answers
Hyderabad is on its bank INDUS
Idiomatic lead-in to eyes or thumb SORE
Leaning BIAS
Less chicken BRAVER
Letters on Richard Petty’s car STP
Lewis Carroll’s “___ the Voice of the Lobster” TIS
Like a rugby ball OVOID
Long in the Pro Football Hall of Fame HOWIE
Mad. Ave. address NYNY
Makes uniform EVENS
Matchmaking site where success may lead to breaking a glass JDATE
Multitude SEA
Muscat money RIALS
Nebraska senator Fischer DEB
Neville Longbottom’s Trevor, whom he lost at Hogwarts TOAD
Pachelbel’s Canon is in it DMAJOR
Phone answerer SIRI
Pillow stuffing arranged in bands? STRIPEDDOWN
Player’s pace TEMPO
Popeyes choice BREAST
Produce shopper’s concern FRESHNESS
Rain might fall in it SHEETS
Reed on records LOU
Richtung auf einem Kompass OST
Rooting spot SOIL
Rum cocktail MOJITO
Spaniel in the Reagan White House REX
Starter’s fig ERA
Sticks in a purse LIPBALMS
Symbol of office SEAL
Talia Shire, to Nicolas Cage AUNT
The Mikado’s son NANKIPOO
The Tao of bees? APIANWAY
Toledo title SENORA
Trainee’s question HOW
Transvaal group BOERS
Victim of the emerald borer beetle ASH
WALL-E’s love EVE
Was revolting UPROSE