New York Times - Sep 14 2022

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Clues Answers
'Don't Bring Me Down' band, in brief ELO
'Elvis ___ left the building' HAS
'Nah, none for me' PASS
'Not guilty,' e.g PLEA
'Turn! Turn! Turn!' band, with 'the' BYRDS
'You called me?' YES
Abba of Israel EBAN
Abides by HEEDS
Actor Lukas of 2014's 'Dark Was the Night' HAAS
Angling accessory NET
Baseball's so-called 'steroid ___' ERA
Brainstorming question ANYIDEAS
Brand behind Cakesters snack cakes OREO
Cambodian cash RIEL
Compulsions YENS
Contents of college blue books ESSAYS
Covered, in a way, as a road TARRED
Dress with one end tied to the waist SARI
Drink that may be served hot or iced LATTE
Extreme amusement HILARITY
F.B.I. guy GMAN
Finish ENDUP
Food cupboard LARDER
Gibbons of talk TV LEEZA
Greyhound's capacity, perhaps BUSLOAD
Holi people? HINDUS
Home of the Minotaur's Labyrinth KNOSSOS
Lake at one end of the Niagara River ERIE
Lake at one end of the Niagara River ONTARIO
Launch HEAVE
Lead-in to thesis or thermic HYPO
Like bonds and Bond films RATED
Load for Santa Claus BAG
Lose fizz GOFLAT
Lost freshness STALED
Low face? JACK
Mark in the World Golf Hall of Fame OMEARA
Clues Answers
Measures of detergent, maybe CAPFULS
Midwestern metropolis, informally CHI
Mrs. ___, 'Beauty and the Beast' character POTTS
Neglected youths WAIFS
Old Mac app ICHAT
One singer of 35-Across on old TV/radio ROYROGERS
One singer of 35-Across on old TV/radio DALEEVANS
Out in front AHEAD
Part of P.S.T.: Abbr STD
Payment-lowering deal, in brief REFI
Peak temperatures HIGHS
Photo blowup: Abbr ENL
Pomp and circumstance ECLAT
Pop up ARISE
Posh hotel chain RITZ
Princeton Review subj PSAT
Protein bean SOYA
Punster WIT
Resident of the 46th state OKIE
Role for Daveed Diggs on 'Black-ish' JOHAN
Sets to zero, as a scale TARES
Sign up for JOIN
Some court performers JESTERS
Sorvino of 'Mighty Aphrodite' MIRA
Stark and Flanders, for two NEDS
Suburb of Boston LYNN
Theme song of a classic western, visually suggested six times in this puzzle's grid HAPPYTRAILS
TikTok's 3-D musical eighth note, e.g LOGO
Tore into HADAT
Volunteer's offer ILLGO
Watkins ___, N.Y GLEN
What may be broken at a party THEICE
Wildly AMOK
Wispy clouds CIRRI
Words of resignation ILOSE
___ irregular basis ONAN
___-deucey (gambling game) ACEY