The Times - Cryptic - Times Quick Cryptic No 2222

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Clues Answers
After vacation, teacher with ambition to be widely discussed TREND
Area of study grey to me sadly GEOMETRY
Bring up clip, difficult to understand, showing fish PILCHARD
Celebrated artist nursing one drink in Madrid? SANGRIA
Cleaning preparation, fake, poor? Not entirely SHAMPOO
Concerning about unfashionable course ROUTE
Dislike speaking platform with front removed ODIUM
Exclude some bits at centre OMIT
First home with promise, by a lake INAUGURAL
Guy caring for horses some jostle roughly OSTLER
Headgear prohibition after trade union resistance TURBAN
Healer, East German, initially enrolling on course OSTEOPATH
Clues Answers
In part loser — finding he was tied to land SERF
Inclined to brag, boy missing at the end dreadful faults BOASTFUL
Italian dish stir too slapdash RISOTTO
Lad’s hood, fine, unexpectedly retro? old-fashioned
Leave diamonds for one much admired GOD
More than adequate, a parliamentarian the Spanish recalled AMPLE
Narration, true, about Conservative, just what’s needed RECITAL
Pressure initially over North Dakota’s source of water POND
Recess after physical session exercising, just tops APSE
Snake that might be seen around neck? BOA
Tower damage? Divulge nothing! MARTELLO
What air traveller needs, having meals provided? I don’t know boarding pass