L.A. Times Daily - Sep 11 2022

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Clues Answers
"... if you know what's good for you!" ORELSE
"BoJack Horseman" voice actor Will ARNETT
"Catch my drift?" SEE
"Get lost!" SCRAM
"Gilmore Girls" actress Lauren GRAHAM
"I mean a different cereal box mascot!"? NONOTTONY
"Law & Order: SVU" actor ICET
"Macarena" band __ del Río LOS
"Oh, shoot" NUTS
"Pagliacci" clown TONIO
"Succession" network HBO
"Trinity" novelist Leon URIS
"Yeah, right!" ASIF
Actor Holbrook HAL
All over the place ERRATIC
All __ sudden OFA
Almost unique RARE
Area that separates a nave from a sanctuary TRANSEPT
Areas of human development UTERI
Audre Lorde and Lord Byron, e.g POETS
Battery terminal ANODE
Beats by a whisker EDGESOUT
Beer brewed by the Royal Family? REALREGALLAGERS
Before, in ballads ERE
Birch family trees ALDERS
BLT spread MAYO
Brillo rival SOS
Brown in the kitchen ALTON
Car manufacturer's woe RECALL
Catches SNAGS
Changed into BECAME
Cheap perfume? TENCENTSCENT
Check mark TICK
Cherries jubilee? BIGBINGBINGE
Climb aboard HOPON
Colorful timber tree REDFIR
Comedian Silverman SARAH
Compound in fireworks NITER
Cross mood SNIT
Dallas quarterback after Bledsoe ROMO
Defensive trenches MOATS
Dolly the sheep, sitting all by herself? ONELONECLONE
Dresden's river ELBE
Early Peruvian INCAN
Early video game letters NES
Fancy duds FINERY
Farmyard noises OINKS
Fling with force HEAVE
Food Network host Drummond REE
Former owner of Virgin Records EMI
French article LES
French possessive pronoun SES
Fruit jam in Sacher tortes APRICOT
Gambler's marker CHIT
Game with matchsticks NIM
Golean cereal maker KASHI
Golfer Ochoa LORENA
Headline after the IT department fixes a bug on Hulu? TEAMTAMESSTREAM
Headliner STAR
Hint at, with "to" ALLUDE
Hold on to RETAIN
Hudson Riv. crossing GWB
India's first prime minister NEHRU
India's smallest state GOA
Ink mishap SMEAR
Intense FIERCE
Japanese IT services giant NEC
Joliot-Curie who won a Nobel Prize in chemistry IRENE
Junior SON
Kind of microscope ELECTRON
Clues Answers
Knight spot? CHESSSET
Leb. neighbor SYR
Lets loose UNTIES
Like most of the world's people ASIAN
Long time EON
Make full SATE
Make less strict EASE
Manitoba First Nations people CREE
Many dreadlocks wearers RASTAS
Margaret Atwood's "__ Grace" ALIAS
Massey of old films ILONA
Merrie __ England OLDE
Mil. mail drop APO
Mila of "Bad Moms" KUNIS
Moby Dick, e.g WHALE
Mop & __ GLO
Nasty anagram ANTSY
Neck parts NAPES
NHL great Bobby ORR
Nightly show with free admission SUNSET
Nixed, at NASA NOGO
North Carolina college town ELON
Official flower of two Southern states MAGNOLIA
Out of the ordinary ODD
Persian Gulf capital DOHA
Picture puzzles REBUSES
Plaza Hotel girl ELOISE
Pols from blue states, usually DEMS
Really bug GETTO
Reggae great Peter TOSH
Religious doctrine DOGMA
Repairs MENDS
River in Tuscany ARNO
Roof with removable panels TTOP
Sailing ASEA
Schoolyard game TAG
Scrutinized EYED
Sea nymph of Greek mythology OCEANID
Security system component SENSOR
Ships with staterooms LINERS
Small fruit pie TART
Some govt. lawyers DAS
Spring flower IRIS
Street of mystery DELLA
Sushi-grade tuna AHI
Sven of "Frozen," for one REINDEER
Swill SLOP
Taj __ MAHAL
Tantalizes TEASES
Tight-fitting SNUG
Tiny fraction of a min PSEC
Tipped off ALERTED
Topped, in a way CROWNED
Travis of country TRITT
Tucci's "Road to Perdition" role NITTI
Unknown author, for short ANON
Until UPTO
Useless, batterywise DEAD
Wading bird that a girl can really look up to? HERHEROHERON
Warn with a horn TOOT
Way in DOOR
Where NHLers serve penalty time? INSINBINS
Wii or Xbox aficionado GAMER
Winning steadily ONAROLL
Wise words ADAGE
Yule tune NOEL
__ grease ELBOW
__ trip EGO
__ whisper STAGE