Universal - Sep 10 2022

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Clues Answers
"404 Page Not Found," e.g ERROR
"Cool beans!" RAD
"Help is here!" WERESAVED
"I already understand!" SAYNOMORE
"King" in Hindi RAJA
"The Most Stuf" cookie OREO
"Uhh ..." ERM
"Whaddayaknow!" LOANDBEHOLD
"Whatever!" BLEH
"___ and Peace" (Tolstoy novel) WAR
"___ Lisa" MONA
A blip on the ___ RADAR
Animal that often has a beard GOAT
Aspiring musician's recordings DEMOTAPES
Author's representative AGENT
Balloon artist's dreaded sound POP
Behind-the-scenes deets INSIDEINFO
Benefit BOON
Bickering ATIT
Big name among pool players? MARCOPOLO
Birds that fly in a V formation GEESE
Building extension ANNEX
Bundle of hay BALE
Cochlea site EAR
Demand during a strike RAISE
Domesticates TAMES
Donkeys ASSES
English boys' school ETON
Fancy party GALA
Flashy party decorations? DISCOBALLS
French city known for its universities LYON
Hair goop GEL
Home of Brazil's Maracana Stadium RIODEJANEIRO
Horror stories' skeletons? PLOTLINES
I ___ (road trip game) SPY
In the style of ALA
Clues Answers
Italian cornmeal dish POLENTA
Item in a heavy belt TOOL
Japanese currency YEN
Lawyer and educator Hill ANITA
Like osmium and iridium DENSE
Like some cellars and memes DANK
Long story SAGA
Made a tapestry, say WOVE
Mimicking APING
NBA star Ginobili MANU
Nintendo avatar MII
Northeastern school octet IVIES
Offshoot group SECT
One's partner? DONE
Pajama party, usually SLEEPOVER
Palindromic explosive TNT
Place to buy tuna salad DELI
Pre-stereo MONO
Prefix with "pronoun" or "cortex" NEO
Prefix with "skeleton" EXO
Prepared to propose KNEELED
Puts on, as clothes DONS
Ram's gender MALE
Ran out of battery DIED
Roller-coaster parts with varying g-forces LOOPDELOOPS
Sitcom character who came from Melmac ALF
Started playing for money WENTPRO
Swim against the ___ TIDE
T. rex, e.g DINO
Took the wheel STEERED
Trident-shaped Greek letter PSI
Web portal with a butterfly logo MSN
Went too fast SPED
Word after "round" or "square" DANCE
World Cup chant OLE
___ y pimienta (Spanish condiments) SAL