New York Times - Sep 10 2022

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Clues Answers
'Now wait one dang second ...' LOOKHERE
'Oh, you think?!' NODUH
'Pass' NAH
'What's the ___?' PLAN
'You're on!' BRINGIT
Absolutely loved, with 'up' ATE
Acquire NET
Affectionate sign-off XOXO
Among others ETAL
Attendant in a noble household YEOMAN
Bad thing to draw when you're taking a test BLANK
Be relevant to BEARON
Big sponsor of golf, sailing, tennis, motorsport and equestrian events ROLEX
Blues singer ___ Monica Parker SISTA
Bottommost check box, perhaps NONE
Brio VIM
Calendar abbr NOV
Calendar abbr MAR
Carpentry supply BRADS
Case made for significant change? MINTCOINSET
Cause of some belly-aching CELIAC
Co-host of the 1970s program 'People Are Talking' OPRAH
Comme ci, comme ça MEH
Covered CLAD
Does like MIMICS
Espresso foam CREMA
Groove RUT
High-end LUXURY
Home by INAT
Home of the Golden Bears, informally CAL
Hostess offering SNOBALL
In descending order: Mount Everest, K2, Kangchenjunga, ___ LHOTSE
Inherited, with 'into' CAME
Clues Answers
Interest not at all BORETOTEARS
Jukebox crooner with the 1965 hit '1-2-3' LENBARRY
Lead-in to decimal DUO
Like idols ADORED
Lineup at a charging station TESLAS
Makes fast MOORS
Midsection, in brief ABS
Now or never ADVERB
One of five official languages of Ethiopia SOMALI
One of many for Penelope in the 'Odyssey' SUITOR
Primo ACES
Qualified 'yes' IMAY
Recommended labor practice LAMAZECLASS
Self-esteem, from the French AMOURPROPRE
Settings for some TV dramas, in brief ERS
Settled (on) ALIT
Shield for Zeus AEGIS
Smooth, in a way IRON
Something you might haul ASS
Sporting blades SPEEDSKATES
Sports event that notably declines to drug-test its participants XGAMES
Taken care of business? ERRANDS
Tea brand with Wild Sweet Orange and Refresh Mint flavors TAZO
They're not usually offered SPECIALS
Tropical fruta PINA
Vehicle models Velar and Evoque, e.g RANGEROVERS
What gray is usually not DYE
When one might start to make a scene CURTAINTIME
Writer's block? PRESSBOX
Yank slightly TUGON
Yellow slippers? BANANAPEELS
___ Studi, first Native American man to receive an Oscar WES