USA Today - Oct 16 2022

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Clues Answers
'One more thing . . .' ALSO
'Pardon me . . .' AHEM
'See for yourself!' LOOK
'Smooth Operator' singer SADE
'Terrible' phase for tots TWOS
'The Reader' actress Lena OLIN
'Well, obviously!' DUH
'What ___ you up to?' ARE
'___ cares?' WHO
Altar affirmative IDO
Arizona resort city SEDONA
Backstage areas for show accessories PROPROOMS
Be greedy with HOG
Beef chow ___ MEIN
Bit of rain DROP
Bombard with snowballs PELT
Book with map keys ATLAS
Brief summary RECAP
Bring home a stray cat ADOPT
Campus housing DORMS
Chicken ___ king ALA
Cream-filled chocolate cake WHOOPIEPIE
Current fashion TREND
Decorates with frosting ICES
Droop SAG
Economic stat GDP
Ellipsis components DOTS
Empty hall sound ECHO
Euphoria High or Sad Keanu MEME
Fahrenheit counterpart CELSIUS
Fix faulty code DEBUG
Foreboding sign OMEN
Gastropod often served with garlic-parsley butter ESCARGOT
Genoa Keawe's instrument, for short UKE
Girls, in Spanish NINAS
Hanoi ___ House OPERA
Hidden listening device WIRE
Island known for its nightclubs IBIZA
It's hung behind goalposts NET
Clues Answers
Kati roll and ssam WRAPS
Lake bird with a distinctive call LOON
Lessen in intensity ABATE
Like a foggy swamp EERIE
Live like a nomad ROAM
Made a rip in TORE
Makes edible for a baby PUREES
Makes less feral TAMES
Mined rock ORE
Muddy up ROIL
NASA lunar program APOLLO
National language of Pakistan URDU
Not fake REAL
Part of creating a brand identity LOGODESIGN
Period that dawns after a leadership change NEWERA
Pics on ankles TATS
Plucked orchestra instruments HARPS
Pocatello-based university IDAHOSTATE
Podcasters' devices MICS
Puts into piles SORTS
Revered public figure IDOL
Sales meeting chart GRAPH
Second chance REDO
Shipwreck detector SONAR
Singer Brickell EDIE
Snow-clearing vehicle PLOW
Snowy day glider SLED
Sticky bun coating GLAZE
Subway critter RAT
Tahj Mowry, to Tia and Tamera BROTHER
Take a turn for the worse GODOWNHILL
Total loss of self-identity EGODEATH
Trans activist Erlick ELI
Valiant person HERO
Vessel for making japchae PAN
Work on a trench DIG
Wrigley Field treat in a poppy seed bun CHICAGODOG
___ off (sever) LOP