Universal - Sep 8 2022

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Clues Answers
"All systems go" AOK
"I'll drink to that!" AMEN
"Me, too" SAME
"Smooth Operator" singer SADE
"Trick" joint KNEE
"Yada yada": Abbr ETC
"Your majesty" SIRE
*Becoming understood SINKINGIN
*Frenzied warrior (Theme hint: Break each starred clue's answer into thirds) BERSERKER
*Like Jane Goodall's chimpanzee study site TANZANIAN
*Wasn't a through street DEADENDED
911 respondent: Abbr EMT
African fly that bites TSETSE
Arrows, for Cupid AMMO
Barbecue slab part RIB
Began welcoming customers OPENED
Big name in nail polish OPI
Bonanza find ORE
Bowls that take a long time to clean? ARENAS
By and large ASARULE
Capital on a fjord OSLO
Cheer in Cordoba OLE
Chief exec PREZ
Chip away at ERODE
Chowed down ATE
Countess's counterpart EARL
Cut and paste, say EDIT
Dark greenish-blue TEAL
Didn't dillydally SPED
Discussion detail POINT
Field yield CROP
Fill beyond full SATE
Flower fluid NECTAR
Followed as a result ENSUED
German automaker with a gemlike name OPEL
Getting on in years OLD
Goes down before dusk SETS
Going step by step? WALKING
Golf club with a metal head IRON
Clues Answers
Guided a motorcycle STEERED
HVAC measure BTU
Inexpressive STOLID
Insect with pincers EARWIG
Istanbul natives TURKS
Killed, as a dragon SLAIN
Less risky SAFER
Lively musical piece SCHERZO
Lots of bucks? DEER
Magazine revenue sources ADS
Make over REDO
Menzel of "Frozen" IDINA
Name within "Bostonian" NIA
Navy flag or rank ENSIGN
Nintendo debut of 2006 WII
Noted Hun ATTILA
One may have a big heart ACE
Pioneering ISP AOL
Raison d'___ ETRE
Rapper ___ Kim LIL
Rebuttal to "You never ..." IDIDSO
Red and Yellow SEAS
Remote's silence button MUTE
Ricci of fashion NINA
Sci-fi passageway WORMHOLE
Sir or madam TITLE
Site for crowdsourced contributions GOFUNDME
Spanish for "two" DOS
Spot on a white shirt STAIN
Sprinkled about STREWN
Stanza writer POET
Swimsuit with a string variety BIKINI
T. ___ Price (investment firm) ROWE
Tony winner Neuwirth BEBE
Tribe for which two states were named DAKOTA
Versified tribute ODE
Victories inflate them EGOS