New York Times - Nov 10 2010

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Clues Answers
'anyone lived in a pretty how town' poet EECUMMINGS
'Bad, bad' Brown of song LEROY
'Incidentally,' to texters BTW
'L'___ d'Amore' (Donizetti opera) ELISIR
'Selena' star, familiarly JLO
'Star Trek' director, 2009 JJABRAMS
'The Elements of Style' co-author STRUNK
'The Monkey's Paw' author WWJACOBS
'The Thrill Is Gone' bluesman BBKING
'Thirteen' actress ___ Rachel Wood EVAN
'___ dead!' (worried teen's words) IAMSO
'___ Poetica' ARS
2007 A.L. Cy Young winner CCSABATHIA
747 and Airbus A380, as jets go JUMBOS
Andean wool sources LLAMAS
Animals in a Western herd BISON
Aniston, in tabloids JEN
Arias, e.g. SOLI
Author better known as Saki HHMUNRO
Back in time AGO
Banking nos. ACCTS
Bare minimum LEAST
Big Indian RAJA
Big name in mail order LLBEAN
Brit's 'Baloney!' TOSH
Brother of W. JEB
Cameo gem ONYX
CBS military drama NCIS
Cleopatra biter ASP
Cookbook instruction STIR
Creator of Eeyore AAMILNE
Crowds around MOBS
Eager kids' query to parents CANWE
Eight minutes/mile in a marathon is a good one PACE
Eliot Ness and cohorts TMEN
Fakes, as figures FUDGES
Former Cavalier James LEBRON
Found out, British-style LEARNT
Clues Answers
Fountain of Youth site, it's said BIMINI
Grid play starters SNAPS
Gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Heaved sounds SIGHS
Heroine in Bizet's 'The Pearl Fishers' LEILA
How Broadway characters may break out INSONG
Hurdles for M.B.A. hopefuls GMATS
Jezebel's god BAAL
Juice box go-with STRAW
Letter resembling an inverted 'V' LAMBDA
Limerick's land EIRE
Manassas fighters REBS
Modular, as a home PREFAB
Neighbor of Chad NIGER
No longer disturbed by OVER
Not real PSEUDO
Ob/gyn test AMNIO
One of a winter pair MITTEN
One of Heart's Wilson sisters ANN
Ornamental tobacco holder SNUFFBOX
Praline nut PECAN
Ravioli fillings RICOTTAS
Slightest sound PEEP
Some med. scans MRIS
Srs.' lobby AARP
Subtitle of 1978's 'Damien' OMENII
Suffix with vision ARY
Target of a rabbit punch NAPE
The old man POPS
Third-party accounts ESCROWS
TV host Povich MAURY
Ugly as ___ SIN
Warming trend THAW
Wee, to Burns SMA
Whopper topper ONION
Years, in Rome ANNI
___ Group ('big four' record co.) EMI
___' Pea SWEE