Wall Street Journal - Sep 6 2022 - Could Go Either Way

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Clues Answers
“A champion of comfort for all,” according to its website SERTA
“You ___ big time” OWEME
1977 film directed by Carl Reiner OHGOD
Addition column ONES
Appear SEEM
Approx. figure EST
Boarded GOTON
Bucks CASH
Cargo unit TON
Clause RIDER
Decade following Black Tuesday GREATDEPRESSION
Devout PIOUS
Disagree, disagreeably CLASH
Drink featuring cranberry and lime juice COSMO
Elsa’s sister in “Frozen” ANNA
FedEx alternative DHL
Furthermore ALSO
Give the once-over EYEUP
Glasgow denial NAE
Heist that leaves no clues behind PERFECTCRIME
Herbivore with a horn RHINO
Highly inappropriate appropriation GRANDLARCENY
Immediately NOW
It may be of considerable interest OUTSTANDINGDEBT
Japanese drama NOH
Just ___ in the machine ACOG
Like some marked-down garments: Abbr IRR
Look intently STARE
Love affair AMOUR
Marmite’s chief ingredient YEAST
Mauna ___ LOA
Microphone’s pickup AUDIO
Milk type OAT
Minuscule TINY
Ned Flanders’s younger son on “The Simpsons” TODD
Nettles ANNOYS
Nixon’s running mate AGNEW
Online gasp OMG
Clues Answers
Original fellow ADAM
Part to play ROLE
Per ___ (yearly) ANNUM
Piano-playing dog on “The Muppet Show” ROWLF
Popular bubble tea flavor TARO
Possesses HAS
Powder packer RAMROD
Quick swim DIP
Reddened, maybe DYED
Retired M&M’s color TAN
Ringo, for example SIR
Russian craft that circled Earth for 15 years MIR
Scent of spring LILAC
Scoreboard no PTS
Security equipment SENSORS
Send packing BOOT
Serpentine swimmer EEL
Sierra Club founder MUIR
Site of historic 1965 marches SELMA
Sleep clinic study APNEA
Spirit BRIO
Spot for grilling? HOTSEAT
Take up the slacks? HEM
Tic-tac-toe win OOO
Tirade RANT
Tire filler AIR
To be, on the Left Bank ETRE
Tot’s boo-boo OWIE
Troubadour’s instrument LUTE
Unlikely to earn a treat BAD
Used as a rendezvous spot METAT
Utter SAY
Vietnam’s capital HANOI
What each of 22-, 27-, 37- and 46-Across does STARTSWELL
What each of 22-, 27-, 37- and 46-Across does ENDSPOORLY
Worker’s reward RAISE
Yale students ELIS